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Lots of new updates after a couple months! • Leaderboard System • Player Stats • UI Updates • Increased Player Sprite Size • App Rating System Changes • Social Media Sharing • Ad Free Option • Minor Bug Fixes

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Version 1.7 is finally out!

Busy couple months. Added some new features and some other quality of life updates.


• Leaderboard System
Still wanted to keep the game offline capable so wrote my own web API that will keep track of stuff and allows me to combine IOS and Android users.

• Player Stats
Feature that users requested to track their progress and basic stats.

• UI Updates
Cleaned up some UI that were a little fuzzy along with adjust the game menu screen to have a more open UI design.

• Increased Player Sprite Size
Had some feedback that on some devices the player character was pretty small so increased its size.

• App Rating System Changes
Originally wrote my own that would only pop open once you hit level 7. Imported a Unity Plugin that handles popping up the rating screen after x hours or x amount of times opening. Should help bring in more ratings.

• Social Media Sharing
Added ability to use Facebook and Twitter apps on mobile device to share in-game screenshots to help drive in more players hopefully.

• Ad Free Option
Little monetization other than ads because we do not currently monetize anything else in the game and everything is earn able.

• Minor Bug Fixes

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