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This article will cover changes coming with version 1.4 of Fear the Dark Side.

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Long time no see everyone! The long absence was unfortunate, but has given the team plenty of time to fine tune this update for you all. And without further ado, here are all the changes coming with this update!


New skirmish maps:

Space -

Yavin Conflict, Terra Nova, Coruscant Siege, Shipyards of Sluis, Melting point, Arrival at Helska, 3 Way tie, Vergesso Blitz, Korriban Incursion.


Jakku wastes, Gungan grasslands, Mustafar bastion, Kamino offensive.

I hope to recreate this location in a very large skirmish map, you guys in?

Working on making a large skirmish map based off of this Jakku location. You guys hyped?


Bug Fixes:

- Command points not capturing, being missing, or not giving extra pop cap.

- Aeten II having an infinite loading screen along with several other minor planets.

- Certain ground maps having props or structures missing.

-Indigineous units not attacking correctly or only working for one faction.

- Many, many and I mean MANY text and icon fixes.

- Multiple small bug fixes, many non-gamebreaking.


Gameplay changes:

- Comm satellites must be built if you wish to purchase and use combat upgrades, Heroes, and unique units.

- Shipyards must be built in order to begin production of the assosciated unit. (Eg: Frigate shipyard in order to build corvettes and frigates, Cruiser/Destroyer yard in order to build destroyers and light capitals, Capital shipyards to build true capital ships, and finally Massive shipyards in order to produce super units.) Capital and Massive shipyards can only be constructed on certain worlds, like Mon Calamari or Fondor.

Standard frigate shipyard with an Immobilizer and nebulon docked.

Example of on the new shipyards coming with this update.

- Certain units require a named Hero or planet to be constructed. (This part is up for you guys to discover. ;D) And other units cannot be built, they are all you get of that type of unit. (Think outdated ships and units, or minor heroes.)


Balance Changes:

- All Capital ships have had their hardpoints and damage values changed to match each other as well as to match established lore.

- Multiple units have had their weapons or hardpoints changed. (EG: AT-STs, Rejuvenators, Victory SDs...)

- All factions have had their resource structure costs and upgrades match, as well as having identical income values.

- Weapon and Armor types have been changed to better unify weapon and vehicle types.

- Mandalorian starbase has had its 'superweapon' removed, and instead now has the cannon autofire when unlocked. Range and damaged has been changed accordingly.

- All factions now have the same pop cap.

- Pirate and neutral factions have had their units and damage scaled accordingly.

Just a small glimpse of what the neutral planets might have to ruin your day.

Just a glimpse of what you might encounter on neutral worlds. And they're going to ruin your day.


Unit list:

(This is going to be long... apologies.)

New Republic:

- Space

X-Wing Squadron, Y-Wing Squadron, A-Wing Squadron, K-Wing Squadron, E-Wing Squadron, Zebra Starfighter Squadron, Defender Starfighter Squadron, CR90 Corvette, DP20 Gunboat, Nebulon-B Frigate, Nebulon-B2 Frigate, Corona class Frigate, Republic Cruiser, Republic 418, Quasar Fire, Alliance Assault Frigate, Rejuvenator Destroyer, Majestic Heavy Cruiser, Victory II Star Destroyer, Republic Class Star Destroyer, MC90 Cruiser, Nebula Star Destroyer, Endurance Star Destroyer, MC80c, Strident Star Defender

- Land

Republic troopers, Republic Plex troopers, Spotter droids, T1B Hovertanks, T2B Hovertanks, Republic Commandos, Jedi Knights, T3B Attack vehicle, AAC Siege tank, Gallofree HTT, T4P MBT, V-Wing ASF, MPTL, Gargantuan Mobile Fortress.

Imperial Remnant:

- Space

TIE Fighter Squadron, TIE Bomber Squadron, TIE Droid Squadron, I-7 Howlrunner Squadron, A9-Vigilance Squadron, X9 Star Wing Squadron, TIE Scout Squadron, TIE Phantom Squadron, TIE Defender Squadron, TIE Interceptor Squadron, Skipray Squadron, Vigil Corvette, Victory Gunship, Acclamator III Frigate, Immobilizer 418, Vindicator Cruiser, Dreadnought cruiser, Victory I Star Destroyer, Victory II Star Destroyer, Venator Star Destroyer, Procurator Battle Cruiser, Bakura Class Destroyer, Secutor Super Carrier, ISD I, ISD II, Allegiance Star Destroyer, Mandator II, Executor Class Dreadnought.

- Land

Storm Troopers, Plex Troopers, Probe Droids, AT-PTs, Scout troopers, Scout trooper snipers, Dark Trooper phase I, Dark Trooper phase II, Imperial Commandos, Century Tanks, IFTX hovertanks, AT-STs, Imperial Commanders, 2M hovertanks, Juggernought APC, SPMATs, AT-AAs, AT-ATs.

Mandalorian Republic:

- Space

Dunelizard fighter Squadron, Bev-Beviin bomber Squadron, Adenn Interceptor Squadron, Gladiator Squadron, Bes'Gar Bomber Squadron, Starviper Squadron, Kyr'Galaar SSF Squadron, Crusader Gunboat, Guardian Assault Frigate, Mandaven Cruiser, Hes'Kud Interdiction Cruiser, Skira Class Carrier, Ram'Or Heavy Destroyer (Name changed.), Vengeance Class supression Cruiser, Ak'Salaar Light Destroyer, Phalanx Heavy Cruiser, Krayt Class Battlecruiser, Kedalbe I, Kedalbe II, Kandosii Class Dreadnought.

- Land

Militia Squad, Assault squad, Mandalorian Ranger, Mandalorian Heavy Squad, Veteran Squad, Legionnaire Platoon, Vornskr carnivore Pack, Grattler tank company, Basilisk flight, F9TZ Assault Transport, MAL company, MZ9 Turbolaser tank, Canderous Tank company, Mandalore Mobile Fortress.


- Space (Names will be sparse. Working on better and canon names.)

Interceptor Squadron, Fighter Squadron, Bomber Squadron, Heavy Fighter Squadron, Scout Squadron, Nssis fighter Squadron, Fury class Corvette, Raider Corvette, Assassin Gunboat, Dashade Assault ship, Sith Destroyer, Culler class Frigate, Terminus class destroyer, Gage class Transport, Galaxy class Destroyer, Immobilizer 418, Retribution class Battlecruiser.

Quick image of most of the Sith fightercraft.

Different types of Sith fightercraft. All fast with lots of firepower. Crumbles like tissue paper though.

- Land

Sith trooper squad, Sith scout trooper squad, Sith heavy squad, Vornskr carnivore Pack, Nightsister coven, Sentinel battledroid squad, MK8 Combat droids, Droideka mkII Squad, AT-MLs, siege Tank, Artillery droid Squad, Sith Wardroids, AT-MT.

*Sigh of relief*

Well. That was a mouthfull. I hope you guys enjoy this... lengthy update. In the future I hope to cover more about what's coming in this update, as well as showcasing more about several of the new features and units. (hopefully more about several units not shown in previous images.)

Any questions or requests you guys have are welcome.




where the hell is this mod? i do not see it at all.

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Darth_Raius Author

This article covers what is going to come with the update. The update itself has not been released yet.

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when do you think the update will be released and can you make a guide to install it?

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Darth_Raius Author

I plan to release the update in the next week or so. Making a guide isn't necessary due to the large amount of guides that already exist for installing mods.

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oh ok my bad sorry

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