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Okay, I admit it, the original version kind of sucked. The basic idea was there, but it wasn't nearly as comprehensive as it should've been. And, in attempting to compensate for random and random+rare stashes, the author went kind of overboard in how low she reduced some artifact prices in particular. So, time for version 1.1, which has been worked on since roughly six hours after the original was published here. Hopefully, the New Economy of The Zone will smile upon you, Stalker.

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Completely overhauled trader buying and selling prices! They'll pay you vastly less for your crap, but will also sell you weapons and ammo at slightly less 'just slap 10 on everything' slapdash rates. Artifact and mutant part hunting are your most profitable pursuits, but don't expect to get rich off of weapon looting unless you REALLY work at it.

Overhauled fellow Stalker's buy and sell rates. Now you can actually sell them some weapons or armor without bankrupting them or needing to fiddle with selling/buying back antirads just to give them your own money so they can afford what you want to give them. Just don't expect to get rich doing it, Stalker.

Overhauled trader supplies, not only in terms of the number of items (now back to operating on a fluctuating system rather than a permanently fixed number more set in stone than what you'll find at Wal-Mart), but the items they carry, which has been overhauled to give each trader a more individual character, with their inventory being somewhat more coherent than it once was. Oh, and they don't all have desert eagles pouring out of their butts anymore, either. On the other hand, you might just find an PKM or RG-6 for sale in a trader's shop if you work to make friends.

Overhauled weapon and armor prices, degradation rates, and repair costs. Weapons and armor will actually degrade again, rather than being immortally imperishable thanks to Arsenal. And with their costs increased (mostly), they'll cost more to repair...and the traders repairing it for you will charge more on their end, too! Sidorovich doesn't have time to tinker on your shit all day without making a decent profit in return, Barman's hired technician doesn't work for free, Screw is tired of your shit, Duty has mutants to fight and anomolies to shoot at, and Sakharov's research is considerably more interesting than patching up your armor. Basically, you're gonna have to spend money to keep your equipment in working order; The Zone is hard on your gear.

Overhauled hunger and healing rates resulting in an actual need for food, medkits, and bandages again. You will get hungry. You will need to eat. If you get shot, you will bleed and you will die, so you had best keep bandages and medkits in your rucksack. If you get hungry enough, your stamina will drop, and you had best be careful about dashing about, and keep those energy drinks at hand. And since enemies will now also drop less of these precious foods and medical items, you'll be spending your valuable money just to stay alive. Good luck with that.

Overhauled quest rewards based on the new economy resulting in considerably less rains of rubles pouring down upon your head for finding a Jellyfish five minutes away and bringing it back. At the same time, rewards that were total shit now have a bit more dosh to make them worth taking.

Finally, overhauled some weapon files, along with the work on trader buying/selling/inventories, so you may actually see some of those weapons and weapon addons that were added to the game but not properly implemented.

Good luck, Stalkers. You'll need it...but you'll also feel you really earned it when you get That Ending.

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