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About the 1.0.10 version of MustaphaTR's D2K Mod for OpenRA. Also my plans for 1.1 version.

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  1. Added some more missions.
    • Harkonnen 3b
    • Ordos 3a
    • Ordos 3b
  2. Fixed that Atreides, Harkonnen and Mercenaries has MG Quad rather that Rocket Quad.
  3. AI now builds Light Vehicles.
  4. Smuggler Harvesters now can move on rough terrain.

Plans for next versions: When the new April release of OpenRA is released, i'll of course update my mod to it. With that version (will be titled 1.1) i have some plans to add what. But some are not really possible to do yet, won't be in new release either. Don't wait them to be in 1.1, but i'll add them eventually.

  1. New side, Ixians.
    • They'll get mechanic as hi-tech factory tier special unit.
    • I'm still not sure what to give them for IX or Palace, but they'll have something.
    • As special ability, i'm planning to make their IX Lab provide one of other side's IX Lab tier tech unit, random each game. But this is one of the things i said is not possible yet.
  2. Manual Carryall. As an addition to automatic ones, they'll stay. I want manual carryalls to be able to lift enemy units too as in E:BfD, but it is not yet possible either.
  3. More Aircraft.
    • Atreides will get a controllable Ornithopter, maybe with a different weapon as bomber pattern wouldn't really work for that. I'm planning to give them auto-reload, similar to our TD mod.
    • What Harkonnen will get will use MiG artwork for now. I don't have a name for them yet, but i'll be stronger than others.
    • Ordos will get a pretty light and spammable aircraft armed with MG. Will use Yak artwork for now. I really need someone for artwork.
  4. Apply , nothing important, just putting here as a note to myself.

I better try to check those missions after i updated the version

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Any release date for 1.1?

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