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New version of the Titanium Wars Mod for Soulstorm.

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Version 1.00.37 (9 December 2022)

Change log

- !!! Great news within Titanium Wars Mod !!! XV104 Riptide Battlesuit was made by Danila-master (main 3D-art, textures, and animation; 2019-2020), GrOrc (all works for DoW; May 2020), and Obsorber (team coloured textures; 2022), but only now it was released in public. It was long great history, and now we see the magnificent result. In the TWM-SS we have three units: XV104 Riptide Battlesuit (with Ion Accelerator), XV104 Riptide Battlesuit Blinding Spear (with Heavy Burst Cannon and Twin Plasma Rifles), Honour Shas'vre O'Vesa (hero in Farsight Enclaves).
- XV25 Stealth Team for Administratum doctrine "Loyal Service of Tau Empire" have team commander now: XV25 Stealthsuit Shas'vre. Equipped with Plasma Rifle, Shield Generator, and Drone Controller.
- Temple of the Omnissiah able to deep strike (infantry only) for Administratum doctrine "Forge World".
- Tomb Wraith can be built from any Necrons Beacons.
- Random view in the Army Painter was added for Necron Lord and Necron Destroyer Lord.
- Some other important changes.
- Fixed some little bugs.
- UCS-files were updated.

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