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New version of the Titanium Wars Mod for Soulstorm.

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Version 1.00.35 (5 September 2022)

Change log

- Noise Marines Squad have other FX for sonic weapons.
- Many little changes for daemons in Chaos race.
- New unit for IG: Trojan. Builder, repairer, transport. Available in Tier 3. Limit 2.
- New unit for IG: Cyclops. Remote controlled mini-tank with powerful explosive charge on board. Demolition vehicle. Direct spawn from Chimera. Limit 2. NB!: Cyclops does not use Heroes system.
- Rebalance for IG. Sentinel and Support Sentinel use support cap 1 now. Griffon Mortar Tank uses support cap 3 now. Special Weapons Support Squad, Anti-infantry Heavy Weapon Team, and Anti-tank Heavy Weapon Team use squad cap 2 now. Such Administratum units are rebalanced too.
- Warrior of the Omnissiah (for Adeptus Mechanicus) uses support cap 1 now.
- Temple of the Omnissiah able to deep strike (infantry only).
- Arbites Sentinel PowerLifter does not use support cap now.
- New special rework of Heroes scar-script. Living Saint keep experience after Miraculous Intervention (resurrection).
- Eldar have Biel-Tan team-colour in campaign since first versions of TWM. However only now we have true Biel-Tan symbols everywhere in campaign. Great thanks to Obsorber for his good work over needed 2D-art. And Aliera for help with work over Tau campaign icon.
- New Aliera's maps were created and added. Frozendark Webway Crossroad (5). Demes Northlands Nowadays (8).
- Some bugfixes from Aliera for map Penal Colony (8).
- Good AI improvements.
- Some other important changes.
- UCS-files were updated.

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