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Quick summary of recent changes

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Balance & AI Mod by Boxhead Version 1.0 Changelog


- Added Chemical General AI

- Added a new base builder script for the AI

- Added a random difficulty multiplier within the hard AI which gets applied at the start of the game (Sometimes it's harder, sometimes easier but mostly normal)


- Made Medium Armies a bit stronger

- Made Hard Armies slightly weaker

- Fixed Helix/Chinook rushes sometimes flying horribly slow

- Fixed Demolition gen not building counter air units

- GLA factions will now wait until anthrax faded away when considering using a tunnel-sneak-attack

- Fixed GLA Demolition general building a supply stash instead of a palace as defensive building

- Stealth General on medium difficulty won't build a maximum of 4 Scud-Storms now

- Increased delay between superweapons so that AI don't fire all at once

- Changed attack priorities for stealth gen combat bike rush

- Changed attack priorities for nuke gatling harass

- GLA and Stealth gen will now build more hijackers if available

- Improved China hacker spread


- All supply buildings now give 25% more money (Black markets, drop-zones, hackers)

- Tank General: Increased hacker costs from 500 to 550

- Tank General: Increased MIG costs from 1400 to 1500

- Rebalanced reinforcement pads


- Tournament Graveyard: Fixed AI at the bottom-right position

- Red Rock: Fixed AI at upper-left position

- Red Rock: Fixed AI at bottom-left position


- Improved Stability/Performance

- Made usa supply-zone-cargo-planes unattackable, greatly improves performance in late game with usa factions

- Removed Boss General out of skirmish script files

- Removed installer, using .BIG archieves now. Seems to be more stable like that

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