This mod uses the unofficial Patch 1.06 but you don't need to download 1.06, it is already included in the mod

Some main Features

- Reworked AI completely: Easy, Normal and Hard army are changed

- AI will use nearly every ability or unit in the game

- AI tries to build much more drop zones, black markets etc. so it even will be a challenge in late game

- Reworked waypoints on all maps, so the AI tries to be more sneaky now

- New sounds: Added some new sounds and changed how some sound are being played

- Many balance changes. For example Aurora bomber is weaker and tank general can use a non-upgraded infernal cannon

- Fixed many crashes and mismatches original Zero Hour had (Not all unfortunately)

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Version 1.0 Changelog


Balance & AI Mod by Boxhead Version 1.0 Changelog


- Added Chemical General AI

- Added a new base builder script for the AI

- Added a random difficulty multiplier within the hard AI which gets applied at the start of the game (Sometimes it's harder, sometimes easier but mostly normal)


- Made Medium Armies a bit stronger

- Made Hard Armies slightly weaker

- Fixed Helix/Chinook rushes sometimes flying horribly slow

- Fixed Demolition gen not building counter air units

- GLA factions will now wait until anthrax faded away when considering using a tunnel-sneak-attack

- Fixed GLA Demolition general building a supply stash instead of a palace as defensive building

- Stealth General on medium difficulty won't build a maximum of 4 Scud-Storms now

- Increased delay between superweapons so that AI don't fire all at once

- Changed attack priorities for stealth gen combat bike rush

- Changed attack priorities for nuke gatling harass

- GLA and Stealth gen will now build more hijackers if available

- Improved China hacker spread


- All supply buildings now give 25% more money (Black markets, drop-zones, hackers)

- Tank General: Increased hacker costs from 500 to 550

- Tank General: Increased MIG costs from 1400 to 1500

- Rebalanced reinforcement pads


- Tournament Graveyard: Fixed AI at the bottom-right position

- Red Rock: Fixed AI at upper-left position

- Red Rock: Fixed AI at bottom-left position


- Improved Stability/Performance

- Made usa supply-zone-cargo-planes unattackable, greatly improves performance in late game with usa factions

- Removed Boss General out of skirmish script files

- Removed installer, using .BIG archieves now. Seems to be more stable like that

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Balance & AI Mod for Vanilla Zero Hour v1.0

Balance & AI Mod for Vanilla Zero Hour v1.0

Full Version 1 comment

Version 1.0 of Balance & AI Mod

Balance & AI Mod for Vanilla Zero Hour v0.9.3

Balance & AI Mod for Vanilla Zero Hour v0.9.3

Full Version 1 comment

Converts most 8 player maps to 4 and 6 player maps and AI updates.

Balance & AI Mod for Vanilla Zero Hour v0.9.2

Balance & AI Mod for Vanilla Zero Hour v0.9.2

Full Version

Initial release: Includes an english and german version. Localization might be a bit buggy. For now it doesn't include the Chemical General since he's...

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Hey man, I got a crash report :S I was playing 1v1 on a 2 player map vs China AI Hard and this just popped and closed the game: Everything was running great, no lags no stutters only thing I did notice in my base is that one drop zone received a crate or 2 at best, the rest just waited in the mountains, bunching up every drop (couldn't pick it up with a unit). I'am guessing it's that? It was full late game, I tried to push him but he kept pushing me back lmao it was so much fun we couldn't kill each other, at least it looked like that. :D

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Boxhead78 Creator

Can you write me on steam about it?

It's a general issue in zero hour that it crashes when a match goes longer than 20/30 minutes especially with AIs.
I fixed it for the most part in my installation but it needs more explanation which is just easier on steam :)

Reply Good karma+2 votes

Hey man your AI is really better than most out there pls keep working on this if you got time, I like this a lot. But one thing I noticed about it so far that looks like a "majorish" issue,
He goes to build one additional supply line (in his sense the closest one before the first one in his base) for additional income which is perfectly normal for Hard AI, now the problem is I managed to get to that position he thought was the closest one first. What happened is he >COMPLETELY< ignored the other supply pile that I didn't touch at all, nor was I guarding it with anything! I saw later he wasn't there, it was full. So what happened is I stomped him after some time because I had a clear advantage in money (honestly even then he kept his fight pretty good) but destroyed him totally in the end, he did try to assault that pile he wanted but spread his attack something like 35% on that pile 65% my main base.
You can re-create this even for yourself if you want, put setting like this in skirmish:
Map: Barren Badlands (2)
Teams: Blue Player - USA 1, Green AI Hard - GLA 2
Limit Superweapons: Check
Starting cash: 10000$
Put yourself left on the map and let him be on right side, rush UPPER supply pile on map and make few patriot turrets so they are facing down hill (down of supply pile), not right side of pile (even though he can attack from right he NEVER did) Otherwise this looks more than promising! Keep it up :D

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Boxhead78 Creator

Thank you very much, I'm looking into the issue and improve the expander script eventually (I think the expander script only gets activated if AI has 2 supply buildings, so script got stucked).
I'm currently heavily working on the next version and created random AI strategies similiar as in C&C3;: Tiberium Wars such as Turtle, Guerilla and Rush tactics for the AI :)

Reply Good karma+1 vote

You're a real champ, I'am keeping this mod even if it doesn't get updated. I don't know how you did it but most of the time in other mods AI will keep his troops AFKing in base, here he does too but I don't think as much as in other mods. It's fun when you can watch and actually battle, not just use superweapons/abilities to win the game! (IMO)

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Hello, this looks great but as soon as I start the game in skirmish mode my opponents and allies alike are white and do nothing, when I exit the game it's saying I won but there is no Victory screen.
My game is genuine, I play via Origin.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Boxhead78 Creator

Make sure all the .big files are in your root Generals: Zero Hour folder (With Origin version it should be like: "...\Origin Games\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour").
I'm guessing you deleted the skirmish scripts folder without moving the .big files to the correct location.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Well I did delete it because it's says so in the readme file and I did move the files... I'll try again later, installed some similar mod.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

yea I think i moved it into "Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour" but not the next one which goes by the same name. My bad.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Boxhead78 Creator

Yeah happened to me as well once because of the confusing generals/zero hour install with origin.

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