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Outlining the new features and changes for Rogue Empire in Version 0.9.0

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After 1 month of hard work and moving to a new home Rogue Empire finally got to version 0.9.0. In addition to the standard bug fixing, this version has lots of new additions to the game such as: Champions, new randomly generated locations, a new healthiness system and a new game mode!

So, without further ado here are all the changes introduced into 0.9.0 from 0.8.9!

New Features

  • Added resistance gear.
  • Upgraded food system and balanced game accordingly. More info Here.
  • Random dungeons are now created when loading the world map for the first time. This dungeons are different in length and style. Initial dungeon level/danger roughly depends on distance from the initial player spawning position. Random dungeon ends spawn 3 champions and have several guaranteed chest rewards as well as gold.
  • Added the "unending" dungeon to the game. Finished the current content with your character? Dive in!
  • Dungeons have now 2 additional skins: stone and shadow forming.
  • Added swap actions capabilities to the action bar.
  • Separated resistance into sub categories and re balanced it.
  • Added randomize race and class buttons when starting a new game.
  • Shape shifted druids now have unique attack animations.
  • 'D'drop hot key has been added to the inventory.
  • Swap weapon key (default W) now also works on the inventory.
  • Added several new monsters.
  • Several enemies now have a disarm ability. Different weapon types have different chances of being disarmed when you have them (smaller weapons like daggers are harder to disarm for example).
  • Added wind shield spell (gives chance to make ranged physical attacks miss).
  • Added toggle to enable or disable battle texts on top of character.
  • Quests can now be tracked in the world map (if you have information about them) to make it easy to go where you need. Note: Because this adds information current main quests in the dawn of shadows campaign might not reflect the real progress of the quest.
  • Added option to limit game's frame rate.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed mushroom warrior issue what growing from the magician's summon.
  • Encounters should now properly always have a path to an exit.
  • Worked on improving memory management. Hopefully this improves crashes some people seem to have.
  • Merchants restock properly.
  • Dragging items of the action bar now wont drag the screen.
  • Action bar should now properly reflect stacking items pickups and drops.
  • Demoralizing shout now shows its energy cost.
  • Assassin: Volley of knives now prioritizes enemies over objects. If no enemies are nearby objects are hit.
  • Triggering an event on the world map now stops any movement of the character.
  • Damage and to hit values for weapons now added to description if enchanted for easier comparison.
  • Armor tool tip now shows its weight.
  • Achievement achieved in one computer should now show on another computer inside the game if steam cloud is enabled.
  • Soul essence should correctly sync with cloud saves. Automatic migration mill save your current soul essence into the new system. If you have essence and perks in different computers log on each and open the essence window after a successful steam cloud synchronization. Underlined text is important!
  • Better tier ammo should now properly have better stats.
  • Ammo should properly weight.
  • Fixed bug where saving a game in bear form would lower hp to maximum amount of humanoid form hp when loading the game.
  • I think I fixed all issues with the action bar.
  • Improved inventory performance.
  • Fixed beta build bug where levels would regenerate under certain conditions.
  • Fixed bug where enemies would not attack the character if on an open chest.
  • Improved in game log sizes, memory management and cpu use.
  • Dropping items in the inventory now auto selects the nearest item next to the one dropped.
  • Fixed graphical bug where an interrupting event in the world map would not update graphical position of character.
  • Wind shield status effect now is properly shown and enables the removal of the spell.
  • Improved door placement.

Balance Changes

  • Starting staff for mages now has a base range of 2.
  • Balance: Druid's bear aspect effects where reduced (bonus hp is now 35% and shrugged improvements are now every 10 levels instead of 8).
  • Balance: Druid's Balance: Druid's spell learning handicap got reduced from 50% to 75% handicap.
  • Warrior's Balance: armor perfectionist leveling effects where reduced a little
  • Warrior's Balance: anti magic training II card bonus was reduced from 100%to 80%.
  • Warrior's Balance: shield bash got improved at all its tiers increasing damage by 10% and distance by 1 for each tier.
  • Warrior's Balance: Whirlwind Attack I card rarity was reduced from rare to uncommon.
  • Warrior's Balance: Demoralizing Shout in all its tiers has its energy drain improved by 20%.
  • Balance: Drake's fire breath (npc) damage was reduced by 20%
  • Hard difficulty is now a little harder!
  • Balance: Trying to learn high level spells from low lvl high handicapped learning items should be more difficult!
  • Balance: Spell dodging is now more difficult with the spell's level.
  • Balance: Mage Lightning Mastery shock bonus reduced to 40% and damage increase added of 30% for lightning spells.
  • Balance: Mage Freeze Mastery now also increases freeze spells damage by 30%.
  • Balance: Increased Shadow Construct boss damage slightly.
  • Balance: Increased Sisters boss hp slightly.
  • Balance: Naga's racial critical rating increase reduced from 60% to 40% and cold vulnerability also reduced from 50% to 40%.
  • Balance: General physical critical rating formula adjusted to have a little more diminishing returns from critical rating.
  • Balance: General magical critical rating formula reduced chance to do critical hits.
  • Balance: Daggers have a +100% additive critical damage bonus. Short Swords have a +50% additive critical damage bonus.
  • Balance: ammo's weight reduced by 60%.
  • Balance: With the new resistance gear, none physical resistance rating growth by attributes was reduced by 75%.
  • Balance: Warrior's Focus blow miss chance has been increased slightly.
  • Balance: Enemies got theirs hit points increased by 20%-30% and their regeneration decreased by 50%
  • Balance: Item drop rate increased by ~15%.
  • Balance: Low tier enemies now upgrade their weapons (doing more damage) after certain amount of levels when they appear on later dungeons.
  • Balance: Assassin's stealth is now weight dependent instead of armor mitigation dependent. This is triggered after going over the 70% armor ratio. The idea is give the chance make a heavy armored assassin but with less consumables because of weight vs a less armored assassin with more consumables/situational tricks.
  • Crossbows and muskets have had their energy use reduced by 35%.
  • Some skills now are more strategically used by the AI. Also some other beneficial skills will be cast on friends too. I will extend this to more and more abilities as I have time.
  • Reduced food drops as they are too plentiful with the new healthiness system.
  • Energy used when learning a spell and not successful now is down from 5000 to 1000.
  • Troll's slowness was removed.Troll's regeneration was reduced from +100% to +50%
  • Troll's gain a new starting passive where they have 30% more hp when compared to other races.


  • The time to start a continual action by holding down the same key has been multiplied by 4 to avoid issues when hitting a single key once.
  • Added new logo to main title screen.
  • Permanent effect potions are now called elixirs.
  • Replaced world map energy spend message and integrated the approximate time spend exploring the tile to have a more user friendly way of understanding the concept.
  • Renamed keys to reflect what they open.
  • Movement should be a little smoother.
  • Inventory and merchant windows default behaviors on click where changed to double click to avoid accidents.
  • Swapped the +to hit and + to damage in the item name to put it in the orders that games of the genre and d&d have.
  • Added better disarm and focus blow status effect icons.
  • Added new dungeon decorations.
  • The world map insectoid kingdom entrance has now specific art.

So what do you think?

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