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Version 0.831 of Middle Earth Project, a Crusader Kings 2 Overhaul mod, has been released. This will be the final release of the New MEP Team, TSF4 and Sinstar87. Details below.

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We've found the History overhaul to be a massive stumbling block for any further development of the mod and the New MEP team being, as we stand, unfit to complete it. With the lack of progress has come a lack of interest in whatever minor work we can do and feelings of disappointment and failure in ourselves. This all added together with the growing and widespread movement away from CK2 to CK3 has left us questioning further wheel spinning. As such we will be posting a final release with what work we've managed and unfortunately disbanding the team. This release should be the most playable yet and remain so for as long as ck2 is, especially in pre-10k years.
We hope you enjoyed the work we put forth over the last year and a half.
The New MEP Team 2018-2020


Middle Earth Project

Lord of the Rings Conversion Mod for Crusader Kings II

Version 0.831 - Final can be picked up here.

Unfinished Developments for the MEP Mod

Version 0.831 - Final Installer by Brojan

MEP is an overhaul mod attempting to bring the world of Tolkien to playability in Crusader Kings 2.

The MEP Team's hope is to allow players to experience Tolkien's world of Arda, spanning from Angmar and the Iron Mountains in the North, The Harad Desert to the south, the Great Sea to the west, and Rhun to the east. As well as enjoy that world from a number of different perspectives, be that a Great King of Gondor, the Dark Lord Sauron, a noble Elf-lord, or a blood member of the Orkish Hordes.

Version 0.831

CK2 Compatible Version: 3.3.3

Outside of this Version the mod is not likely to function properly, including crashing.

Current Team

Team Lead



Marowa, history lead and Art Director

SinStar87, Other Nonsense Lead

Active Contributors

Porkenstein, First Age Submod

Brojan, Installer Manager Director


Terrar, Discord


Charles Brookes - King

Kaiser Mudkip - King

Sam Douglas - King

Jonas Orving - Count


MEP Discord

MEP Reddit

Full Credits

0.831 Highlights

General Bug Fixing


Saruman Erasaruman palantirMEP   Isildur PDFly You FoolsMEP   Pop System


Thanks for your engagement and the time spent at this mod!

I hope you guys will find some new interesting projects or can now simply relax and enjoy gaming, free of the modding sickness :D

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is there some DLC we need to run this mod well

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It's never run well.

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Just a warning to any who've never played this mod before, it's very unstable. I wouldn't bother playing it at all. This is the last patch, so it looks like it will always be this way. Don't waste your time thinking it will get better, it won't. The mod team quit.

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SinStar87 Author

yea, unfortunately team members fell off to various problems until it was just tsf and me left and required work we're not capable of finishing. We kept feeling low for failing you all time and again in our attempts at the overhaul and finally just had to call it. We had huge hopes and did alot of work, fixed major stuff like the stack overflow crash, but just were incapable of what the mod really needs at this point.

Maybe some more talented people can pick it up and make it what it could be some day.

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And perhaps a CK3 version may occur at some point

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SinStar87 Author

maybe, I know there's people recruiting a team and TSF4 has said he plans to join up. Imp shook a lot of confidence in paradox games for me though.

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