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Version 0.83 of Middle Earth Project, a Crusader Kings 2 Overhaul mod, has been released. Details below.

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Middle Earth Project

Lord of the Rings Conversion Mod for Crusader Kings II

Version 0.83 can be picked up here.

Installer version by Brojan

MEP is an overhaul mod attempting to bring the world of Tolkien to playability in Crusader Kings 2.

The MEP Team's hope is to allow players to experience Tolkien's world of Arda, spanning from Angmar and the Iron Mountains in the North, The Harad Desert to the south, the Great Sea to the west, and Rhun to the east. As well as enjoy that world from a number of different perspectives, be that a Great King of Gondor, the Dark Lord Sauron, a noble Elf-lord, or a blood member of the Orkish Hordes.

Version 0.83

CK2 Compatible Version: 3.3.2

Outside of this Version the mod is not likely to function properly, including crashing.

Current Team

Team Lead



Marowa, history lead and Art Director

SinStar87, Other Nonsense Lead

Active Contributors

Porkenstein, First Age Submod

Brojan, Installer Manager Director


Terrar, Discord


Charles Brookes - King

Kaiser Mudkip - King

Sam Douglas - King

Jonas Orving - Count


Want to support the Mod's Development or have a say in its developmental focus? Visit our Patreon Here

MEP Discord

MEP Reddit

Full Credits

0.83 Highlights

fixed education bug (kids not getting trait when reaching adulthood)
added Elf Friends events
made the Ring ungiftable ("Sorry Karen you can't give this ring to your doggo." - Sauron)
made the Vow of Cerin and Amroth only active if the "Canon" rule is activated
added the Melkor culture group to those who shouldn't die of old age
Tharbad no longer has hobbits in 9000
Lond Daer given correct prov historu
Wainrider king-tier rulers given some counties for their demesne
Angost and Balost counties given their correct lieges
New positions for provinces
Many chars given correct lore for their death reasons/dates


With the COV19 stuff and the massive time investment the history overhaul is requiring, Tied Room has decided to go forward with a new regular release with fixes rather than waiting for the overhaul.

Saruman Erasaruman palantirMEP   Isildur PDFly You FoolsMEP   Pop System

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