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Updates to the AI behaviour and standardisation of weapon targeting

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  • Queller AI Uber fixes and improvements
  • Consistent targeting across weapon types (see readme for details)

Weapon Target Priorities

Issue: Inconsistent behaviour

Fix: All weapons follow the same logic.

Mobile units: mobile, orbital, structure, air, wall

Static units: structure, orbital, mobile, wall

These represent general rules applied across weapons. Where a weapon cannot shoot air, it will exclude air from mobile targeting for example. Dedicated anti-air and anti-orbital weapons have not been adjusted.

Why: This allows for predictable behaviour across units, and prevents units like Bluehawks from inheriting targeting which can cause them to behave poorly when under attack near structures.

Skill impact: Low level players will benefit from predictable behaviour that no longer results in certain army elements getting themselves killed, while high level players can continue to optimise their targeting as they see fit at the cost of their attention resource.

Mode impact: All.

Progression impact: The late game will benefit mostly from this, allowing T2 units like Bluehawks to prove more valuable in a battle.

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