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Version 0.71 Released! Read the content and read-me file (Included in download) for more info.

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- [Removed] Fire Bow
- [Fixed] No nobility status
- [Fixed] Perisno Ruins typo
- [Fixed] Dreaded One recruiting prisoners mechanic
- [Fixed] Overpowered Bow
- [Fixed] Dwallnor, Karnoth and Fountain Hall Siege walls
- [Added] Mosuru Minor Faction
- [Fixed] Gender issues, where non human races were messed up
- [Added] Families of Kingdom Lords and Ladies are now more frequent and sometimes more complex
- [Fixed] Ladies from both Elf and Dwarf kingdoms now with their respected races
- [Fixed] You can now marry Dwarf and Falcon ladies
- [Added] Some ladies accompany the Zann.
- [Added] Ladies showing as belonging to a king and his faction have a chance to show at feasts even if they have no father or guardian assigned.
- [Fixed] The 2 Princesses and Queen Trisna no longer are assigned female love interests at start of game, which should make for less competition for players seeking to court them.
- [Changed] Player enterprises no longer have a 7 day timer before being available to contribute to paydays.
- [Changed] Village improvements cost is lowered; your peasants can now make caltrops, ditches, and other improvements at less cost, in line with their smaller size and income compared to cities and castles.
- [Fixed] Dread One no longer steals prisoners at midnight.
- [Fixed] All three player races (Human, Elf, Dwarf) can make female characters.
- [Fixed] Perisno Ruins can be entered and left again



Just a minor error i have found. I was visiting redwood the other day and went to see the royal family. Now in 0.7 i grew accustomed to the pretty princess they have there. Real eye candy that one. So i was really happy to hear that courting her is now easier. But i was shocked to see she grew old in betwwen 0.7 and 0.71 which is okay, but her mother is the same milf as before. So i checked and saw that she was now 61 (the princess) or something while her mother is 47. I don't know much about elves, but i think it's not normal even with them.

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Michadr Author

Sorry about that, this issue will be fixed in 0.72

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