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This is latest beta version of Kane's Wrath Reloaded with a few fixes and some new additions.

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This is the last update of the season before the upcoming version 1.0 release coming this fall. For the first time ever in my C&C modding experience, not only I got the new support powers working ingame, but also I got the Steel Talons and Zocom sub-factions working as well. Unfortunately due to technical issues that need to be resolved, those sub-factions did not make it for this version 0.7 release. Adding sub-factions into this mod will take more time to re-structure and re-organize before all of this is done. The skirmish AI part for those sub-factions is also under way and that requires lots of testing. So enjoy while you can with this latest version of this mod.

Changes in Beta Version 0.7:
• Added the millipede head to the Mechapede, completing its look. However the head comes out first outside on a position, not from inside the Warp Sphere, before the eight millipede bodies merge with the head. Cost increased to 2000 in 20 seconds due to its weapon and armor overpowerness.
• Fixed an issue with one of the missing unit select responses for the GDI Sandstorm.
• Added the missing sounds for the GDI Sensor Array. Order of building this structure corrected.
• Cultists now cost 2000/20 in a squad of three. Ability still remains.
• Mastodon now fires with double sonic shell weapons instead of railguns and it’s the same sonic shell weapon used from the MARV. Splash damage increased slightly. Cost increases to 5000/50.
• Master Countermeasures support power ability moved to Nod Tech Center from Temple of Nod.
• Added Tiberium Scan Vibration support power to Nod Tiberium Liquidation Facility which can now detect both Tiberium-related objects and power plants.
• New support powers available to use:
** Power Signature Scan (Nod) – cost 300, cooldown 60 seconds. Detects all power plants on the map.
** Shock Swarm (Scrin) - cost 3000 with 3 veteran Shock Trooper Squads teleporting anywhere on the battlefield. Requires Signal Transmitter, cooldown is 240 seconds.
** Ion Storm (Scrin) - cost 5000, requires Signal Transmitter, cooldown 6 minutes. This is very much similar to the Allied Weather Control Device superweapon back at RA2. It spreads 9 clouds emitting electrical shocks to a large area effective against anything.
• Support power changes have been shifted in this final order (some have yet to be added). The ones not mentioned remain at default:
** Alien Technology Assembler: Phase Field, Stasis Shield
** Alien Signal Transmitter: Shock Swarm, Ion Storm, Wormhole, Mothership
** GDI Command Post: Radar Scan, Orca Strike
** GDI Space Command Uplink: Zone Trooper Drop Pods, Shockwave Artillery, EMP Cannon
** Nod Operations Center: Radar Jam Missile, Decoy Army, Cloaking Field, Mine Drop, Shadow Strike Team, Power Signature Scan
** Nod Tiberium Liquidation Facility: Tiberium Scan Vibration, Seed Tiberium, Catalyst Missile, Tiberium Vapor Bomb

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