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Version 0.6 Update Read Content for more info and updates.

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Version 0.6 is steaming ahead (figuratively speaking) The ModDB site isn't getting updated as often because we simply do not have the time to do that. But we still give you as many updates as we can. But as always if you wanted the latest visit our Perisno Forum On TW!

We are building our team to bring the mod to further heights. If you are interesting in helping out and have experience in modding just let us know and we will work something out.

And now for the changlog (11-28-13)

- [Added] New Faction (Valahir Clan)
- [Added] Expanded Map- [Added] Faction Specific Mercenaries
- [Added] More household troops
- [Added] Zann troop tree
- [Added] 5 Illican minor faction quests
- [Added] 1 Bluewood Quest
- [Added] 2 New Gods/Old Gods quests
- [Added] 6 Faction specific lord level quests
- [Changed] All Towns now have new arena scenes
- [Added] 1 Castle 'Dungeon' scene
- [Added] Zann Invasion
- [Added] Lore immersive random events
- [Changed] New Snow Texture
- [Added] 4 General Quests from Tavernkeepers and Ramun
- [Added] Can now buy slaves from Ransom Brokers
- [Added] General quests
- [Added] Lore NPCs
- [Added] Bounty hunting from tavernkeeper quests
- [Added] New adviser: The Spymaster
- [Added] Kingdom Patrols
- [Added] Kingdom special parties
- [Added] Kingdom scouts
- [Fixed] Some unique spawn bugs
- [Improved] Unique spawning system
- [Improved] Mercenary Wages
- [Fixed] Correct family relations
- [Added] All noble Troops and monarch household troops
- [Added] Freelancer Mod v.1.51
- [Added] Many new buildings
- [Improved] Better looking menus
- [Added] 1 New Adviser: The Highmarshal
- [Changed] Reich Des Drache to Reich Des Drachen
- [Removed] More Calradia Refernces
- [Changed] Dhapel-de-Fer to Chapelle-de-Fer
- [Changed] Hakkon King's Spearmant to Hakkon Imperial Spearman

That is it for now

-The Perisno Dev. Team

kezjo - - 14 comments

So much changes :O IL THIS MOD

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moshedz - - 360 comments

Wohoo Freelancer!!! This mod keeps getting better and better!
BTW: Any realise date on the horizon Micadr?

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Michadr Author
Michadr - - 1,345 comments

No exact date has been set, but sometime in December ;)

Reply Good karma+1 vote
MadManToTheMax - - 4 comments

Hold up hold up.... Freelancer!? ........... :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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Michadr Author
Michadr - - 1,345 comments

Yup :)

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