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Perisno 0.5 for Warband is Released Look at Content more info.

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For the Reich Des Drache Troop Tree:
-Please Note To All German Experts who notice the spelling of some words missing the following: ö,ä, and any other letters with that spelling, python does not allow these special characters so please endure these small "typos"

> Diplomacy 4.3
Everything that comes with the Diplomacy mod.
As vassal
Persuasion attempts to convince your king to start a war
Appoint a chamberlain, who will decrease tax inefficiency by 10% and gives you the ability to set tax rates. Taxes also have an effect on center relation and prosperity. In addition he will take care of paying wages and collecting income as well as giving you the possibility to secure your money
Let your companions pick items from the chamberlain item pool (autoloot)
Appoint a constable who recruits and trains troops and provides information about garrisons and troops of lords
Send patrols to important locations
Appoint a chancellor who sends gifts and messengers to other lords
Village and town riots may occure if the people hate you and have to pay high tax rates. Counter them or negotiate with the leader.
Let your spouse buy some food (I know, it has nothing to do with diplomacy but it's fun :mrgreen:)
Pay staff salary (you knew that a woman will cost money before you married her :P)
Troops will start running away if you go into debts (this also applies to garrisons)
Return fiefs to your king, he won't like this, though
Move your residence (via spouse)
Negotiate Mid-siege surrender/walk-out terms if defending your own keeps and towns
Affiliate to families
Send scouts to settlements
Pay to avoid defeat

As king
Threaten other kingdoms with war and try to squeeze money out of them
If a faction sues for peace you will have the option to set terms
Possiblity to send a gift to another faction (fief or money)
Send a spy to another kingdom
Form an alliance, conclude a defensive pact, sign a trade agreement or conclude a non-aggression treaty with another faction.
Change the domnestic policy of your kingdom. Choose between Centralization/Decentralization, Aristocracy/Plutocracy, Serfdom/Free subjects, Quality/Quantity which affects trade income, vassals armies size, AI army strength, relation between king and vassals as well as tax inefficiency
When asking for a truce you will get the option to pay and/or give fiefs to conclude a truce.
If another faction recognizes you as king you will have the option to ask for help against your enemy and in certain circumstances support the decision by paying money
Choose your faction culture so all your lords will recruit the same type of troops
Exchange or release your (own) prisoners
Distribute spoils of war after you conquered a town or castle
Send emissaries to persuade lords to join your kingdom

> New Music
All new music for better gameplay. This is all thanks to cowgirlka who put them all together.

> Better Sounds
Most of the sounds have been replaced with better ones which enhance gameplay. From someone getting shot with a bolt to a horse trotting. It's all here.

> New Horses
Do you love horses? Well we have horses, and lots more where they come from. So enjoy them all from the black saddle horse to the heavy plated warhorse. It's all up to you.

> Better Landscapes/Field Of View
New trees and better textured grasses, skies and everything else you see in the world of Perisno. Look beyond the great horizen without needed a all powerful pc.

> New Crosshair
The boring old crosshair is now replaced with a red one.

> Camels
Not just for horses anymore, you are now able to optain camels! Ride up a storm and conquer Perisno. Good luck with that! :)

> Elephants
If horses and camels arn't enough you can now have elephants. Yes, those big buggers that you can ride and cause havoc all over.

> New/ More Items (currently: over 2000+)
Perisno features more items then many other mods.

> New Banners
New banners all around, from knights in shining armor to a very undressed lady. Uh-huh, that's right.

> New Map
One of the most important features in a mod is the map. Who wants to play the old boring one? Perisno is much bigger in size and boosts lots of trees, snow, deserts, and some bridges to everyhwere
Coming- Sea Travel!

> New Graphics (Menus)
Many menus now have new graphics for a better outlook. Eventually they are all going to get replaced.

> Dynamic Troop Trees
Wonder how the troop trees look? Well it's easy now, just open up reports >> troop trees and there you have it.

> New Troops (4/7 factions complete)
There are now tons of new troops, unique with every faction, and bandits.

> Tavern Additions
More NPCs in taverns to talk to, + tavern keeper now has more options like sell prisoners and flip a coin.
There is also the drinking game coded by FantasyWarrior.

> Forts
You can now create your very own fort! Upgradable from a outpost. Troops can also be garrisoned inside.

> New Factions
6 new unique factions all with all new troop trees.

> More/New Quests
More info to come...

> Household Troops
Some Kings And Lords Now have their very own troops that no one else has.

> Color Coded Messages
Messages are now color coded, adding a nice organized feel to notifications

> Roaming Parties
Perisno is filled with roaming war parties and outlaws who are very willing to test their blade against yours.

> Lore Characters (for immersion)
Now you can find some lore characters in Perisno for the purpose of immersion and story in certain places.

> Unique Places
There are now 2 new unique locations for you to visit and discover

> Random events & spawns
Now, there are random events that happen on the world map and medium sized spawns to kill for loot that spawn anywhere on the map every few days.

> New Mercenaries
This includes a whole different mercenary troop tree and a Freelancer Guild where you can hire special mercenaries from.

> I've only listed some of the features, the rest is for you to discover!

- Reich Des Drache now has a dragon banner to reflect their culture/lore
- Village Raids & Sieges-Allow Player Party Actions
- [Added] Volheere as a minor faction
- Created first household troop
- Cattle now follow player when driven onward
- Reworked Manhunter Troop Tree
- [Added] Female Mercenary Archers upgrade line
- Modified Mercenary Crossbowman upgrade line
- Village Elders, Armor Merchants, Tavern keepers, Goods Merchants, Horse Merchants now have names
- [Added] All items can now be viewed in reports menu
- [Added] Gambling System
- New & Improved Deathcam
- All Towns names changed
- Greatly Improved Battle AI
- Color Coded Messages
- 16 New Companions
- Modified prisoner skill
- [Added] Reich des Drache Troop Tree
- [Fixed] A few helmets without faces, and some with beards showing through
- [Added] More horses, armor, weapons, and goods
- [Added] Trade Ledger
- [Added] More Roaming Parties/Minor Factions
- Kings & Lords Renamed and Buffed
- Villages Renamed
- [FIXED] Deathcam not allowing you to end the battle properly when knocked out before winning.
- [FIXED] Double "Tell me your story" dialog when talking to companions in your party
- New Lords/ Leaders
- Civilian dress and behavior redone
- [Added] Maccavia Troop Tree
- Added kingdom specific War Parties lead by unique NPCs
- Added more NPC spawns
- Item cleanup. Tons of items are messed up due to the large importation.
- Better bandit. No more native bandits. You'll find all new outlaws to be original, in the Perisno world.
-[Added] Redwood Troop Tree
-[Added] 3 unique Perisno Troop Trees
- Lore Characters for immersion
- New Quests
- Many more small changes
- Fog of War, including an obtainable map, that uncovers the whole map through the camp menu.

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Looking Great!

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Praise This Mod. Love it!

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