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Combat and performance improvements, world map expansion.

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New update is live! Version 0.4.7 introduces various combat mechanics improvements, as well as the world map expansions and performance fixes. Have fun!

Changelog v.0.4.7 Pre-Alpha


– Implemented headshots detection in PVP

– Implemented experience gaining in PVP

– Modified mechanics of the NPC enemies loot – now every player can loot every NPC enemy

– Modified mechanics of the experience gaining in PVE – experience is granted to a player who did the last attack, instead of a player who dealt the first one

– Increased the movement speed of players characters when blocking – still, when blocking, movement is a bit slower than usually

– Increased the movement speed of NPC enemies when blocking

– Implemented random patrolling routes of NPC enemies

– Implemented new defensive objects placed on the gate towers – stones and wooden logs to be thrown down on the enemies


– Implemented new town – Fangsborough placed in the northwest part of Stoneholm

– Implemented new location – raiders camp placed near Twinfall

– Implemented new location – battleground placed near Twinfall

– Added new NPCs in Audunstede


– Updated networking environment in order to improve the performance of servers – please report any issues

– Significantly increased the server’s performance

– Improved working of defensive objects placed on the gate towers

– Implemented numerous fixed for the party system

– Edited Polish version of the dialogues for some of the NPCs from Aundunstede

Allfather - - 158 comments

Nice! Will give it a try tonight. I am glad to see that server performance has been increased. I think that basic optimisation should be a priority at the moment. Less lag means a better early access experience, and will also lead to more testers which should further speed development.

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taintedpyro813 - - 664 comments


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