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Since 0.3 was released I got several people telling me that the bots were too hard or too aimbottish. This will be solved in version 0.4. Since nobody isi giving me feedback I will have to continue without feedback or suggestions. Although If you wish to see anything happen in bf2sp professional AI you should now let me hear your voice. I will have 7 days left for developing this mod all day

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I will decrease bots accuracy for machine guns, pistols, smgs and assault rifles. Snipers will be kept as they are now.

I will also be doing a few corrections to the way they behave. I will try making them run to control points more than before. I will try making the bots less guarding their control point and making them more agressive if this is possible.

However, I made a few mistakes in development of 0.4 So I have to start from 0.3 again. Please note that it is not really necessary to download the maps over and over again. When there is a update in the maps package I will let you know that. Meanwhile the uploaded maps package wlil maintain its version name but don't let it fool you. The maps are backwards compatible. Remember that.

Note that not all maps of BF2 1.41 are compatible. All BF2 1.50 maps are compatible.


when i try make dedicated coop server, there is some issue like this:

player status not shown.. i mean when we get kill enemy, or killed by an enemy the status screen not show.., and also the red enemy player name not show.

bot still easy to kill by air vehicle.

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djjonastybe Author

I will improve their responsiveness to air vehicles in the next version. I thought that I shouldn't improve this, because if you get in an air vehicle you would at least like to shoot something before getting shot right?

Do you mean they are still bad on foot, or are they bad in air vehicles?

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