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Adjustments to T2 bots to compensate for base game Leveler cost increase and an overhaul of the Grenadier change based on the latest data.

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Version 0.12 - 2018-09-30



  • Grenadier
    • Restored Rate of Fire from 0.4 to 0.5
    • Restored Yaw Range from 90 to 180
    • Restored Yaw Rate from 120 to 45
    • Reduced Firing Standard Deviation from 1.0 to 0
  • Locusts
    • Increased cost from 240 to 300
  • Spark
    • Restored Health from 120 from 130
  • Slammer
    • Increased cost from 450 to 530



Issue: Was radically nerfed between Classic and Titans.

Fix: Remove standard deviation from weapons.

Why: Initially I attempted to find a comfortable half-way between classic and Titans, but due to the way yaw rate works it was possible to work around the slow turn and access the power it had in classic. It also had numerous knock on effects, leading to a change to the Spark and something uncomfortably close to rock/paper/scissors balance. The unit has seen increasing use in vanilla in specialised situations, and so little needs to be done. To reduce RNG the standard deviation has been removed to ensure the unit does what it's supposed to, but as it can't fire behind itself it can no longer be turned into a powerhouse through micro.

Skill impact: None.

Mode impact: All.

Progression impact: None.


Issue: A Locust raid can single-handedly win the game, but a failed raid doesn't cost the attack much.

Fix: Increase Locusts cost.

Why: The Locust is currently slightly too devastating. If just one or two slip through they can single-handedly destroy an economy. This requires significant investments in terms of mines, turrets and radar to prevent. If they're stopped it hasn't cost the attack much in time or metal. I don't feel the problem is so huge as to require a radical change, but with a small cost increase it becomes less practical to just keep throwing in Locusts, and a failure to penetrate defences has a greater cost to the attacker. This fits into a wider issue of many T2 units being too cheap for their effectiveness. It also adds four seconds to the build time, meaning it takes longer to mass them in numbers.

Skill impact: Lower levels don't see significant Locust usage. At the higher levels this is intended to help make Locusts more of a choice and something a little less predictable. They will remain as devastating as ever if they get through.

Mode impact: Versus modes. In FFAs the more defensive play makes Locusts less relevant.

Progression impact: None.


Issue: Following the increased cost of the Leveler, the Slammer has become to the T2 unit of choice, almost to the exclusion of all else.

Fix: Increase Slammer cost.

Why: Initially the Leveler's cost was restored, but on further examination I think the increased cost has led to better diversity coming out of the vehicle factory. Rather than the problem being the Leveler, the change to one dominant T2 unit has revealed another unit too powerful for its cost. A small cost increase has been deployed to compensate, and potentially promote better diversity from this factory as well.

Skill impact: Lower levels better diversify their unit pools, therefore a cost change to one unit has a lower impact there than at the higher levels. At the higher levels the hope is that this leads to more choice about which T2 factory to tech to first, the diversity of units coming from the T2 bot factory, and maybe even improve the ability of T1 land to stay relevant.

Mode impact: All.

Progression impact: May help assist T1 land stay relevant for longer.

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