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Numerous fixes and optimizations, new platform supports

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  • Lightning Bolt now has a cooldown


  • You could walk on cupboards in the house at Little Fire, this has been fixed
  • You could walk on top of baskets, this has been fixed
  • Interacting with the sign at Little Fire caused the sign to change graphics, this has been fixed


  • Corrected some grammar when meeting Dad first time
  • Dad called you a male regardless of gender when talking about you to Sanefang, this has been fixed


  • Added bust graphics in the Jessica's castle cutscene
  • Removed light source that caused graphic distortion from elder's home
  • Fixed shopkeeper opening a box in the start cutscene to have a propper graphics.
  • Death has new graphics


  • Made the Jab Attack's animations display on whole screen instead of invidual targets to improve FPS


  • Added 64-bit support
  • Added Mac support
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