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Release notes for the version 0.01 demo of Men of Warhammer Chaos Rising

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The demo Version 0.01 is up for grabs, go get some Guardmen killed!


There is also a hotfix available to download that fixes broken vanilla vehicles, invisible troopers, plasma gunners only using their pistols, vehicle lascannons not piercing armour and bolt pistols having no ammo on squad leaders. Installation instructions are included in the download.


Please give thanks to the original mod teams of the Men of the Emperor mod and Fire over Kronus mod for Dawn of War for their work.


This release is a work in progress, designed to give the community a hands on experience and report back what they do and don't like, as well as what they would like to see next. If you have any issues or bugs, please report them in the forum. Also feel free to share your colour schemes and battles in that forum!

Please enjoy this, tell us about your battles and any bugs you may have on the moddb forum for Men of Warhammer, and remember most of the work for this mod was originally done by the Men of the Emperor Mod team for Men of War, and that most of the models are from the Fire over Kronus mod for dawn of war, so please take the time to thank those mod teams too if you are going to thank me :)

Known bugs

Wierd double animation when loading into space marine vehicles
Predator autocannon flash is from the storm bolter
Space Marine Scout's hands do not quite line up correctly

Some 212th Cadian models are named incorrectly, quick fix if you open the breed directory (resource/set/breed/mp/chaosrising/ig/212cadian) and open the .set file that isn't appearing, remove the 1 from the "212guardmentrooper1" and it will work when the game is next opened.

Super heavy tanks' lascannon currently cannot pierce armour

Cannon_on.bmp error - Please delete the cannon_on.bmp and cannon_on.ebm from the resource/interface/cursor folder as discussed here:


I've noticed that the Space Marines don't have any armor, is it possible to change it so that they equip the armor as body armor so that it's harder to kill the space marines. Also i've noticed that the bullet drop of the hand held bolters might be a bit much as they can't hit much.

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I've also noticed that the AI doesn't like using the plasma guns and meltas

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Guardsman1111 Author

Space marines have 500% health which means they are almost bulletproof, but i haven't worked out armour as equipment yet. As soon as i do, it will be worked thatway instead, if possible. The dislike of plasma guns is fixed by the hotfix, simply by removing the pistol side arms for some reason the ai sees the pistol as more effective.

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It's not possible to have a unit with armour that stops bullets as once a hit exceeds a certain amount of force, the unit is gibbed.

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