A compile of the Men of the Emperor mod and assets from the Red Rising modification for AS2 that are Warhammer related. Also imported models from the Fire over Kronus and Steel Legion mods for Dawn of War have been included. None of these models are my own, I do not claim ownership, I am simply putting them together in one place, adding custom skins of the blood pact and my own Imperial Guard Regiment the Harknian 1st, and confirming that they work for Assault Squad 2. Have fun with this and please thank the original developers of all the content, not myself.

This mod as of now includes:

- Weapon models from Men of the Emperor for Men of War.

- Vehicles related to Warhammer 40k from Red Rising Modification for Assault Squad 2.

- Textures and Models from both FoK and Steel Legion for Dawn of War.

It is thanks to the people who made the above that this mod is possible.


- Leman Russ ( + conqueror, demolisher, vanquisher, punisher and executioner variants)

- Chimera MK 3 and 4

- Basilisk and Griffon

- Baneblade, Banesword and Shadowblade

- Heavy Bolter, Lascannon and Autocannon

- Space Marine Rhino, Razorback and Predator plus chaos variants

- Tau Gun drones, Devilfish and Hammerhead

- Tau Tetra and Piranha

- Tau XM8 and XM88 battlesuit variants with various loadouts.


- Harknian 1st with many skins

- Steel Legion with limited skins

- Krieg with limited skins

- Blood Pact with many skins

- Chaos Space Marines with many skins

- Space Marines with many skins

- Tau with many skins

- Cultists with limited skins

This will be updated as the list grows.

This is an entirely unofficial mod, it is not endorsed by Games Workshop in any way. All icons, names, description and models used in this modification are the property of Games Workshop and used without permission. I do not claim any ownership of the materials being used in this modification and it is solely for the purpose of enjoying the Warhammer 40k universe in another light.

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Mod Removal

News 48 comments

Hi all,

After the wild ride I've been having trying to position myself between the mod and the coursework, a great big chunk of bad news has come my way. After a revelation by a friend, it has become clear that what I am undertaking here is copyright infringement of multiple companies, and more than a little illegal.

The dangers of copyright infringement include huge fines, imprisonment and sullying reputations. As I want to work in the game/software development at the end of my course, I am putting myself at great risk which I didn't realise before. After consulting many friends, including one with legal knowledge of this exact issue, the unanimous vote was to remove the mod and all content before it gets into GW's hands.

I apologize to all of the people who supported mod, for the promise I made that I would work to make sure this was one of the greatest mods out there. I did not expect this to happen, and it is with the deepest of regret that I am removing the mod from the Page. I will also be removing all photos and videos as a just in case, I do not want to leave anything to chance.

I also want to thank everyone for the support that was given throughout its production. Without you all I would not have kept going with its construction. I have learnt a lot during this brief period, which will probably help me out in the future. And, if I am ever to get legal footing to begin producing this mod, I will be starting it back up again (sadly, I doubt it)

Lastly, I know that many people already have copies of the mod, I must insist that it is not posted anywhere else, and is kept for private use. No one should create anything further for this mod, unless it is completely within copyright bounds (i.e. using completely original models, textures, sounds, so on so forth). This is not only to minimize risk to yourself, but also to minimize risk to me as the original creator.

Thanks again to all,


Update 24/04/17

Update 24/04/17

News 5 comments

Update on mod progress, announcing next race to be implemented.

Update 02/04/2017

Update 02/04/2017

News 1 comment

Update 02/04/2017 call for beta testers for the mod

Update Monday 13th March

Update Monday 13th March

News 7 comments

Update on mod state, including testing news 13/03/17

News 05/03/2017

News 05/03/2017

News 7 comments

Update 05/03/2017 on the status of the mod and the skin pack.

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I am confused as to why no one else has picked this up. It's clearly not an issue of copyright as there are plenty of examples where copyright infringement would be brought up such as Arma 3's Halo vs Starwars vs Warhammer 40k if Workshop
or makers of the other games cared i'd like to think theyu would have shut it down then. I really wish I had the coding skills to do this myself. I was really hoping someone would have picked up this project by now. In anycase I would even pay in some instances to see this done. I really wish the developer of this would have followed through to the end.

Halo VS Star Wars VS Warhammer 40K Episode 01 - Invasion

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alternative source? One that doesn't pussyfoot out?

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DUDE's Yall just need permission form games workshop to use this mod. Make a contract saying your making the game as >>lore friendly as possible.<< of course you might need a lour but hey. That is the way america does bizz.

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also, as long as you state that it is non-profit and credit GW for the intellectual property rights to all things WH40K,GW shouldn't have a problem with it.

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I've never even heard of GW taking down a non-profit mod before.

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Hey Guardsman, i know that your mod is down but i just want to thank you for everything you have done. You did a great job on everything you made for this mod.

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Typical puritan attitude that doing something has value even if nothing comes of it.

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A newer version of the mod for Men of War AS 2 from the Russian comrades Drive.google.com

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File no longer exists.

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