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The beginning of a beautiful developer relationship! To start things off, we'll talk a bit about the story, what Venturi is all about, and a developmental road-map to show you a glimpse into our future. We've poured our hearts hearts and souls into this project and we'd love to hear what you think.

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Thanks for checking out the inaugural DevLog post for Venturi! To start things off, we'll talk a bit about the story, what the game is all about, and a developmental road-map to show you a glimpse into our future. We've poured our hearts hearts and souls into this project and we'd love to hear what you think. Please leave us some feedback here on IndieDB, our Facebook, or Twitter

Venturi is futuristic Sci-fi RPG -- one filled with action, adventure, and hard choices.

The year is 2293. Humanity has overcome the complications of space habitation and is expanding throughout the solar system. Lunar and martian cities thrive, and mining operations are now scattered throughout the Asteroid Belt and beyond. Despite these outstanding scientific advancements, deep space travel was always thought to be beyond our reach--however, that's about to change. For 45 years the system's finest engineers and physicists have been working to create the Venturi Device, the machine that will finally allow faster-than-light travel.
Based on the Venturi Effect discovered by Italian physicist Giovanni Battista Venturi, the Venturi Device compresses space-time to the point that anything traveling through it is nearly instantaneously transported to its destination. Using a newly discovered exotic mineral, dubbed RED, scientists are now able to fuel the immense requirements of the Device. Aboard a space station known as The Ark, the Device has reached its final stages of development, but has yet to be tested...
On the day of the Device's initial evaluation, Earth was invaded. The reason behind the invasion was unknown, but it was clear that they were aiming for the Ark. The Ark, and the Device itself, were destroyed. Just before its destruction, in a magnificent stroke of luck, you, our Hero, have been flung through the experimental Venturi Gate and sent far into the reaches of space. Unsure of the fate of your family, friends, and humanity itself, you are left with nothing but the ship you escaped in.
You attempt to gather your bearings with the ship's rudimentary navigation system, which begins to analyze the foreign stars around you. There are no clues as to where you have ended up, but your ship has detected a nearby planet with signs of sentient life. It is clear that you only have one hope of survival: you set a course for the alien planet.

One word to describe Venturi: Dynamic.

Venturi features fast paced and rewarding combat, a deep and evolving story that you shape as you play, and arena style multiplayer that will test your tactical skills. Build a loyal party to venture with you while you explore the massive galaxy, alive with intelligent AI controlled denizens with their own schedules and goals. The galaxy is full of mystery and secrets for you to find.
Our game is full of customization! As you play, you'll find and unlock many different weapons, devices, and abilities to give you the upper hand in battle. Outfit your spacecraft and your party to take on the dangers of the galaxy. Your enemies are diverse and you must adapt to overcome them! Venturi is about choice.
Quests are dynamic, with multiple paths and choices; replay them for different outcomes and rewards. You can help a race overcome its enemy, or betray and destroy them, or deceive and steal everything they've worked for. Feel free to explore your options. Using the Venturi Device, you can reset the game world at will! Learn the schedules of your allies and enemies to exploit them. Multiplayer is designed to be tactical and competitive. New and innovative modes merge with traditional gametypes to bring you a fresh yet familiar experience. Hunt for alien artifacts in a ship graveyard, stave off an alien dreadnought invasion, and fight while orbiting an imploding star! Leaderboards will track your progress against your friends and other players. Fight to become the best pilot in the arena!

Moving forward -- what's the development plan?

Venturi has already been in development for 9 months, but with the new site we're taking on a more organized approach to you our game plan. Development will be broken down into a series of milestones:

  • 0.0.1 -- Modular weapon system -- weapons will intelligently group together and coordinate firing. Completed!
  • 0.0.2 -- Class weapons, expand the weapon loadout, status effects -- New and exciting weapons will be implemented; cluster missile pods, sticky mines, gravity bombs, EMP effects, and more!
  • 0.0.3 -- In-game UI, ship loadout manager -- The in-game UI will be dynamic and responsive, reflecting the current game state. The loadout manager will be the player's interface to the ship. Swap weapons and system components, upgrade your armor, or customize how you look.
  • 0.0.4 -- Multiplayer functionality, deathmatch and team deathmatch -- The groundwork for cloud-based multiplayer is already implemented. It's time to finish and polish, and add some simple games. Deathmatch and TDM will kick off the mutliplayer component of Venturi.
  • 0.0.5 -- Artifact -- A gametype unique to Venturi. Scour an asteroid or debris field for a priceless artifact. Return it to your base to score!
  • 0.0.6 -- Matchmaking -- Intelligent matchmaking lets you play the match types you like best. Save your favorite filter settings for easy access.

More milestones will be coming soon!

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