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After a week or so, the new Vampire creatures are in.

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After developing the idea for a week or so, the creature is now in the latest build.

The character has several move sets but is more mysterious than any other in the game thus far. The Crucifix is a useful tool against these creatures but they also can cause it to become more volatile if used excessively.

Here is the latest footage from the new build on PC.

Bringing it to Life

The inspiration behind these new creatures go way back to old Chinese horror movies. namely, the "Jiangshi" (commonly known as Hopping Vampires) seen in films such as Mr Vampire.

The vampires are suffering from Rigor Mortis, hence the stiff hopping movement it does whilst chasing you down.

Fusing with Western Culture

I had the idea of fusing Chinese and Western folklore to create this vampire and brought over what I felt were the most recognised lore to the game. As you can see from the image above, these vampires do not like religious symbols and will stand back in fear upon seeing it.

Of course, I don't want to game to be too predictable so there will be penalties if the Crucifix is used unwisely.

This is just a small taster of what is new in the game but many secrets are held back for you to experience yourself when the game is complete.

OhNoesBunnies! - - 1,212 comments

This is by far the least scariest vampire I've ever seen. The bunny hopping is adorable.

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bruceballad - - 10 comments

so scary so cool. I love it when she runs towards to player.
but why bunny hopping? It is kinda cute (not scary). Maybe wobbly slow walk fits better to her look?
I was just thinking of course. It is your project. Maybe this is your style.

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Joel_Walter_Newman - - 27 comments

It says in Asian vampire stories the vampires would 'hop' because they are suffering from rigor mortis.

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nikkie - - 39 comments

That is creepy. I love it.

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KOEX_studio - - 14 comments

I am asian and i understand the chinese vampire thingy lol. But from the eyes of the westerners, it could be weird and unscary. Maybe you can somehow modified the hopping movements to be more scary and natural.

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arizxna_kvsh - - 42 comments

i cant be the only one who finds the bunny hopping eery instead of "cute?!"?
its very unsettling especially considering its an undead woman with opened up disfigured mouth doing so. amazing animations too

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KMonkeyBlog Author
KMonkeyBlog - - 18 comments

Thanks :) I think it will be fine for most people so it will be staying in since it works on myself too

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