Post news RSS V7 by the end of the month?!

V7 of Hard Doom may be released by the end of this month. Everything is finished with exception of the new Arachnotron replacement. I am still waiting on sprites for it!

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V7 of Hard Doom includes some new effects, three new enemies (two are done right now!), and a bunch of balance changes. Here's the current change-list and previews of the two new icy enemies!


125 Health

Ancient Apparition
500 Health

Current Change-list:

  1. Added glow to nukage, lava, and teleport flats.
  2. Added lens flares to decorations.
  3. Added lens flares to powerup orbs.
  4. Added the line powerup effect to armors.
  5. Adjusted the homing projectile speed and aggressiveness on the Hells Fury.
  6. Removed +MissileMore from the Hells Fury.
  7. Lowered the height of the Hells Fury skull projectile. This should cause it to explode on low ceilings less.
  8. Rictus Kamikaze explosion damage reduced to 32 (from 64), total damage on direct hit is now 42-112.
  9. The Rictus will now kamikaze at 20 or less health (down from 25).
  10. Rictus painchance raised to 160 (from 128)
  11. Increased the super shotgunners delay after firing by 7tics.
  12. Increased the spread on the Dark Cyber/Spiders BFG10k's to "6, 2.2".
  13. Decreased the splash damage of the Archons comet to 64 (from 80), it now does 74-144 damage on direct hit.
  14. Removed +Missilemore from the Crackodemon.
  15. Removed +Missilemore from the Mafibus.
  16. Reduced the explosion damage of the Pyro Demons fire shot by 32 and increased damage by 2 (now hits 100-128 down from 130-144).
  17. Reduced the damage of the Pyro Demons "FireBombExplosion" by 32. This will reduce the overall damage of the Pyro Blast attack. It will still insta-kill you on direct hit though.
  18. Increased the spawn rate of the Shadow Demon, Hellfire Revenant, and Hells Fury to 8% (from 5%) to give better variation of enemies.
  19. Added a rare Lost Soul replacement known as the "Visage". It spawns with an 8% chance.
  20. Added a rare Pain Elemental replacement known as the "Ancient Apparition". It spawns with an 8% chance.

Nice! What does this Visage do?

Also if I may ask are making the HellsFury projectiles faster or slower?

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Faerlyn Author

The Visage fires frost balls which slow your speed by 40% and decays over four seconds. It also has a homing charge attack at closer ranges. The Hells Fury projectiles are being made faster but they are easier to side-step now.

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Great to see that this is still alive and kicking! Looking forward to v7 :-)

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