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IT'S FINALLY HERE (sort of) V3

So we're at the release of v3, now you may notice the file says 2.9 and well you're not wrong, the actual binaries for v3 are still in the works. HOWEVER a lot of the bug fixes and whatnot were completed and don't require them so as wel fix some back end code bugs we can release all the fixes with v3 being more of a patch than an actual full package. Below is a list of changes we've made and fixed.

Team Fortress 2 Vintage V2.9

[FULL Version 2.9]




Map fixes:

-Fixed missing floor textures for BLU on koth_highpass.
-Fixed missing AC units on koth_king.
-Fixed missing texture for first stage A cap on cp_snowplow.
-Fixed missing models and textures for items on koth_suijin.
-Fixed missing butcher shop models on koth_king.
-Fixed missing textures on cp_sunshine.
-Fixed missing prop near RED flag on ctf_doublecross.

Character changes:

-Fixed Spy no longer turning green and yellow when disguising.
-Fixed Engineer's buildings crashing the game when shot by a soldier rocket with High quality models.
-Fixed missing Soldier shotgun taunt.

Misc. Fixes:

-Fixed an issue with TF2V using all hat models from live TF2.




-Merged new HD texture pack to characters. (Originally tested in TF2HD)
-Gibs for characters are much more detailed.
-Changed the Engineer's level 3 sentry rockets to be consistent with projectile artstyle.


-Removed flag glow in CTF mode


-Merged mat_picmip -10 textures into Very High texture setting. (Originally tested in TF2HD)
-Most GRN and YLW assets removed from game files.
-Default TF2V spray added. [Change this in your cfg/autoexec.cfg]

-New blood splatter effects added based on TF2 SFM [found in custom/meettheteamblood]


-New particle system based on the TF2 Texture Improvement Project (TIP) implemented into TF2V. [Found in custom/tip_particles]


-All stock maps are now precompressed into .bz2 format to save space.
-Mirrored maps of 2fort, dustbowl, badlands, granary, gravelpit, and badwater added to map rotation.
-Mapcycle changed to mapcycle_default in game files.
-Added popular requested community maps off mapcycle rotation. (balloon_race, wacky_races, convoy, and orange)


-New preset added for instant respawn server types.
-Added new CELT voice codec cvar into default server.cfg file.


-Readded the "Advanced Options" feature in the main menu.

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