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Version 2.1 has just been released.

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Version 2.1 has just been released.

Please note that this will corrupt your save games, and you will have to re-start the mod from the beginning or pick a chapter from the main menu.

This list contains spoilers - just be aware if you haven't finished the mod yet.


  • Fixed issues with stealth in 'Dead Tenant'. Rebels will now respond to gunfire, and player noises. A bug with rebel vision and LOS have also been resolved. Cover has been improved and a second path has been made to give players more of a choice with their approach.

  • Fixed an issue with the Stalker escort in 'Low'; players can no longer cheese the escort sequence.

  • Fixed an issue with a level transition during 'Low'.

  • Added some more hints at the start of 'Pillar 10' to assist players with using AR2 pellets to turn off laser walls.

  • Added an AR2 pellet to the control room of the Stalker area so players don't have to run all the way back if they forget one.

  • Fixed an issue with the introductory hunter fight in 'Pillar 10'. If the hunter dies prematurely, the doors will unlock so players can progress.

  • Fixed an issue with the final hunter fight bugging and having arena events fire inconsistently.

  • Fixed an issue with Vorts spawning into walls during the final fight.


  • All rebel damage has been lowered.
  • Hunter health has been lowered.
  • Final boss health has been lowered.


  • Still investigating issues with the cremator achievement. The player may have to be holding the flares when Zombies are ignited to get credit for the achievement. Some Zombies appear to be immune to flares. Cause of these issues is still to be determined.

  • I would still like to implement some more achievements but there are problems getting "failable achievement" code to work with the mod. It seems as though these types of achievements simply do not fire at all currently.

  • Troubles with conflicting A.I. is down to bugs in code and will be fixed in a future patch. You may experience Manhacks competing with Turrets. Measures are in place to prevent this but the issue appears to arise seemingly randomly when the engine loads.

  • The Troubleshooting and Bugs forum will be tidied up, and any issues that are now resolved will have their threads closed and deleted. Please continue to submit bugs VIA the forum and I'll pick them up.

Why rebel damage has been lowered?? Nooooo their damage was justified. =(

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Well, not everyone is as good at Half-Life-based games. I'm okay with the damage, since I've been playing Half-Life for 14 years now, but that's just me.

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Breadman_at_Hartley Author

Might bring it up again. I have to gauge the community response.

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Idea: Have the rebel damage lowered on the lower difficulties, but keep the multiplier on hard. That was quite the punishing that I won't soon forget, it'd be a shame if I couldn't play it anymore.

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Personally the difficulty was perfect for me in 2.0's hard mode, but I'm really good at Half-Life games.

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where is the second path ?

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