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An eternity and a half later, v2.0 of Satanic Gameshow Deluxe finally launches.

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It took an eternity and a half, but I'm beyond excited to announce that SGD v2.0 is finally done and out! Three years of work went into it, and having this new build out there after all that time is an indescribably huge relief. Some of the highlights of the new release include:

  • Reworked finishers - I'll admit that I was never entirely happy with the finishers in the 1.x versions of SGD, hence I took on the task of reworking them for v2.0. Almost all finishers have been reworked, with only a few left mostly intact. (I say "mostly" because even in the finishers I decided were good to keep, I did some tweaks in their implementations.) Decimate your foes with all-new finishers such as railgun-like slugs, Argent bombs and the power to briefly stop the flow of time!
  • Less ACS, more ZScript - With the exception of the feat system, all systems that were previously powered by ACS have been converted over to ZScript. I mostly did this as an exercise in learning more about the intricacies of ZScript, but with some luck, that exercise will also have resulted in marginally better performance across the board.
  • "Classic powerups" mode - For those who want their gameplay experience to be that much closer to vanilla, SGD v2.0 introduces an option that brings back the classic Doom powerups.
  • Difficulty rebalancing - The difficulty settings in SGD, namely Advanced Slayer and Satan's Arch-Nemesis, have been rebalanced to provide a more fair experience than what they were in prior versions. That said, they should still be able to provide a decent challenge even for veteran players.
  • Finnish localization (with possibly more to follow) - 'Nuff said.


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