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The v2.0 beta has been updated here on ModDB. Future support here will be at a slower pace than the Steam release due to the greater difficulty of updated the version here, as well as the save crash bug which has not been fixed in non-Steam versions of the base game.

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The v2.0 beta has been updated here on ModDB. Future support here will be at a slower pace than the Steam release due to the greater difficulty of updated the version here, as well as the save crash bug which has not been fixed in non-Steam versions of the base game.


- Faction colours returned to more standard setup: Empire blue, Rebels orange, CSA red
- Fixes to Core Worlds GC
- Rebel bombardment now alternates ion cannon and turbolaser fire
- Typo fixes
- Improved AI skirmish upgrading
- Fixed Marauder Mk 4 complement info
- Planets with Underworld now have fluctuating income
- Tion correctly added to Skyhook
- AI aggressiveness increased slightly
- K-222 added to CSA tech tree (requires Talon I research)
- Added ExO hero and setup for CSA in more sandbox GCs
- Fixed S-1 FireHawke laser colour
- Fixed Keyan Farlander icon
- Pass on laser and blaster projectiles, they are scaled better and are more visible
- Halved salvage/bounty values
- Fixed CSA profit/revenue description in quarterly report
- Increased accuracy vs structures for many land units
- Plasma cannon tooltip and icon fixed to ion cannon for CSA

- Space structures can finally be deconstructed! You may need to use the filters on some planets to show the structure removal buttons.
- Espo Trooper now has upgrades I-IV
- MC80B Mon Remonda-class Star Cruiser added for the Rebel Alliance. Requires MC80 Liberty-class researched to unlock its research. Skirmish level 3.

- Actually implemented variable income on Underworld planets
- ~50% Fighter reserves now active on large ships with large complements. Should help tactical performance.
- Made Easy difficulty easier
- Improved AI attack staging (shouldn't pile up land units on border worlds as much)
- Kenobi and Vader now duel within the correct distance
- Fixed some missing unit errors
- Improved land tactical skirmish AI so they can capture things other than just landing zones
- Improved land tactical AI, so they take their reinforcements into account before retreating
- Reduced Acclamator upgrades (first part of an extended performance pass). Now goes I, II, IV, VI. Top level remains the same.
- AI will try to send more forces against planets with ground-to-space weapons
- Fixed incorrect destruction survivors from some buildings
- Fixed Kenobi force push text
- Fixed Xa Fel map
- Attempted to remove starbase requirement for ground research
- Improved Skyhook Rebel campaign handling of the Death Star being cancelled

- Heroes are now properly permadeath
- CSA now has infantry in skirmish (still no other units)
- CSA tech tree fixes
- Shader updates (now using the shaders distributed as part of the Steam patches)
- Improved land AI handling of MDUs
- Updated Espo infantry models
- Added multiple weapon models for infantry
- CSA Enforcer upgrades added
- Enforcer should now target better with its grenade launcher
- Fixed bugs with the CSA Quarterly Report
- Text support for all changes
- All ground maps start with at least 5 pop landing zones

- Added X10 Patrol Groundcruiser to the CSA GC roster with upgrades
- Nearly all ships have had upgrades slashed down to 4. This should result in improved loading times and in-game performance
- Upgrades have NOT been rebalanced. Expect to reach top level quickly.
- Fixed AI trying to build deconstruction dummies
- Improved grass shader, implemented other shaders from the PG patch
- All levels of Providence-class Destroyer nerfed

- Renamed all space units to match new upgrade counts
- Rescaled all research and upgrade costs and times for space units (feedback appreciated)
- Major land hero HP reduced by a factor of 10
- New melee weapon models (Vibrovoulge, vibrocutlass)
- Unlocked B2 Super Battle Droids for the CSA at applicable planets (Balmorra, Bomis Koori IV, Geonosis, Hypori, Ropagi)
- Terrain, grass and trees now receive cloud shadows in land battles
- Tech trees for Rebels and Empire are more accurate (and have some "missing" spots ready for later content)
- Minor text fixes
- CSA and Rebels now have appropriate units marked as bombardment-capable
For Rebels these are any units equipped with turbolasers and turboion cannons of Frigate class or larger.
For CSA, these are any units equipped with turbolasers of Frigate class or larger

- Frigates moved to Shipyard 2, down from 3, to make that shipyard level more appealing
- Many heroes have full ship transports again. See their tooltips for info
- All heroes have had a consistency pass for Soldier/Pilot skills
- All heroes have had additional tooltips added explaining their skills
- AI tweaks to make them build better shipyards and send larger fleets to attack
- Upgrade text for starships now shows only changed stats
- All Y-Wing bomber variants now perform bombing runs of their own
- Various Imperial heroes have new icons
- Tech tree GUI has had another pass
- Vindicator added with upgrades for the Empire. Now a prerequisite for the Interdictor
- Airspeeder squadrons are now 6 units, down from 12, for balance testing
- Fixed missing objects in side missions
- Independent fleet officers actually control ships
- XQ5 provides 30% base income, up from 25%
- Mining facilities cost 2000 credits, up from 500
- Lancet now fires flames

- Increased costs of Bank and Mining Facilities (now 5000 and 2000 credits)
- Vindicator rapid quad lasers changed to quad medium lasers to reduce overlap with Lancer-class
- Filters now work for the CSA
- Added random starting forces versions of sandbox GCs Core Worlds, Inner Rim, and Hutt Space (Experimental)
- AT-PT and AT-TE added as Imperial starting walkers. AT-ST and AT-AT now require research
- T1 and T3 tanks added as Rebel starting vehicles
- Storm Commando and Army Commando added to Imperial land roster
- Added AI time limit to land battles- after 20 minutes, the AI should perform an all-out attack to help resolve the battles
- MTPL 2a and up now gain a 50% range boost due to their deployment
- SX20 Airskimmer added to CSA, QH-7 removed
- Fixed CSA skirmish pads and landing zones
- All new land units added to skirmish

- Tooltip fixes for various units
- AI should now use generic heroes a little more
- Shock Troopers now swap weapons visually as well as functionally
- All sandbox GC starting forces cleaned up, and CSA starting shipyards improved
- Reorganized units to fit better in the UI
- Updated in-game tech tree
- Added full set of K-Wing and B-Wing bombing runs
- Alderaan now has a Class 2 shipyards bonus instead of Class 3
- Improved smoke grenade FX
- ExO ranks are now displayed for testing
- Fixed some icons
- Reduced AI desire to build basic barracks
- Map fixes


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