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Welcome to the first update for 1.7. With this update we introduce two new maps, some quality of life interface updates and changes to the mechanics of some of our deployable emplacements.

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Welcome to the first update for 1.7. With this update we introduce two new maps, some quality of life interface updates and changes to the mechanics of some of our deployable emplacements.

Ascheberg & Korbach Offensive

These two new 4x4 km maps by [R-DEV]Ason bring more West German locations to the modern battlefield. Both feature a Russian invasion that gets defended by Germany and other NATO armies.
Ascheberg features vast farm lands of the beautiful Münsterland that offer a high view distance. Despite the maps name the landscape is naturally flat and gets broken up by small settlements and dense forests.

With the Korbach Offensive the fields around Kassel once again become a venue for a war. Based on the WW2 map you can now bring modern equipment to the trenches.

Deployable Emplacement changes

With this update we want to increase the requirement of supply lines and as such emplacements will now spawn without any ammo inside. After the emplacement is built, it first needs to be rearmed using ammobags before being able to use them. Further we adjusted the amount of ammo per emplacement as well as the amount rearmed per ammobag. This increases the amount of supplies required to operate certain weapons by a lot. Insurgent factions may not have the capabilities to keep up with the increased demand and to compensate for this, Hideouts now slowly generate supply points that can be used to rearm (cannot request kits). This simulates a tunnel network between Hideouts and the main base that gets used to move supplies around the battlefield.
Lastly, we introduce a new firemission orientated mechanic to mortars. The mortars will be able to shoot a firemission of up to five shells in quick succession and then are forced to reload before being able to shoot again.

Interface updates

We continue our efforts to modernize our in game interface by increasing its quality and making it easier to read. In this update, we focused mainly on the compass and icons for magazine count, firemode, BUIS selector as well as the magazine-checking. All these parts received a black outline to ensure they are readable on every map, even on the brightest snow maps. Additionally, the magazine-checking got moved into the center of screen to be more prominent and easier to discover for new and old players alike.

Furthermore, we also changed how the effects for bleeding on the players and damage look like. Moving away from covering the screen in blood, we now use a black tunnel vision effect that gets worse the more health you lose. The vision of freshly revived players gets heavily reduced this way.

Fixed anti-air issues

We spend a lot of time investigating reported issues around anti-air missiles and their interaction with countermeasures. In this investigation we found out that there are equal amount of complaints regarding anti-air being too strong and anti-air not working at all. As such we concluded there was no issue to begin with and stopped all development towards new anti-air mechanics.

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- The Project Reality Team


Awesome update guys. Keep the great work of yours.

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Incredible work!

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Perfeito, ótimo trabalho! muito obrigado

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