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The changelog for the new update of the module, wich includes Health Regeneration in-combat, plenty of new items, new mechanics and more. Leave your feedback below whenever possible, thanks!

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/===/ Diplomacy 4.litdum Reloaded! /===/

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- This is a further improvement upon V1.1 and V1.0, wich changelogs can be found on the other module files or on the articles page.
- Please notice that there may be some undocumented or inconsistent changes, for my lack of time to report them all. Feel free to ask any questions on the modpage or by PMing me at @RedMythos on ModDB. Thanks!

>>> BUGFIXES <<<
- Fixed banidts not grouping up to fight against the player.
- Fixed or updated some meshes clipping. If any more appear with this behavior, please report them on the modpage!
- Fixed the native "food bug" that prevents morale bonuses being applied.


- A new feature implemented thanks to the PoP Wiki (credits to Dalion), now all units will regain 5% of their max health every 30 seconds. This is improved further to 5% every 10 seconds on Arenas and Ambushes (Bandit Lairs, Bandit Ambushes at night, and failed sneakings).
- This new feature is useful for skirmishing tactics, such as charging through the enemy army with your cavalry, or circling them with your mounted archers. This can also be useful to give a second wind to retreating forces, spicing battles up a bit.
- Arenas then are now much more interesting and much more possible to last longer and in turn give better prizes.

- Almost all combat-related animations have recieved a change on their cycling timers. What this means is that some are faster, and some are slower. Generally, the aim was to solidify the differences between one-handers and two-handers/polearms, mounted vs unmounted combat and other small purposeful disparities.
- Attack speed logic is a bit different now. Readying an attack is slower (about 10%~20% slower), but releasing one is much faster (about 30% faster). Downward attacks takes longer to cycle with two-handers and polearms to account for their weight.
- Shields now provide a longer "stagger" to enemies whenever they hit your board, or you hit theirs. Chambering an attack (wich can be learned here ) provides an even longer stagger, Decreasing by a lot their block chance.
- Draw animations are faster, to encourage switching weapons on combat and to aid the AI with their buggy behavior of changing weapons amidst the fray.
- Considering most polearms are well usable on horseback now, their "ready" animation (the one in wich you pull the attack to get it ready to release) are slower now. Managing to pivot a longer weapon with only your waist upwards to rely upon takes a heavy toll on your attack speed. Consider that when using a longer weapon whenever on horseback.

> Make sure to practice a bit on the arenas before adventuring outside, eh?

- A new feature brought to you by the use of the amazing mod Bannerpage's script (also used by some other great mods such as DoC), adapted by me, giving the player the possibility to repair their equipment with negative modifers. This includes the initial Rusty Sword for example.
- There is a cost fee associated with the base cost of the item. Buying a plain (no modifiers) item is cheaper than buying a rusty one and repairing it, for example. But this makes the appearance of rare items on the shops more interesting, as even when they have a negative modifer, you can spend extra to repair them if you so desire.
- This dialog is only accessible via personally talking with the merchants (Weaponsmith, Armorer, and Horse Merchant) in the towns, via walking through the streets.

- A simple dialog tweak by my part now makes it possible to check a mercenary for hire in taverns for their equipment and stats before recruiting them.

- Thanks to the AMAZING Luc Weapons Pack III OSP that allowed me to include MAAAAANY new polearms, axes (and cavalry axes!), hammers and more to the mod.
- Steel variants added to some weapons too. These steel weapons are stronger, faster and lighter than their iron counterpart, but much more expensive.
- Some new weapons and armors were also added, including a new sword pack from Grim's Sword OSP here on ModDB, and an outstandingly beautiful plate armor from LordBaraban on NexusMods, hooray!

- Not as full depth as I would like, considering I still plan a V1.3 for the mod, but this new update brings small tweaks to Rhodokian, Sarranian and Khergit troops.
- Rhodokian infantry line revamped, now to include the Rhodokian Sergeant so many of you asked for. They also use heraldic armor, thanks to the suggestion made by a great guest on the ModDB page. The ranged (elite) line now both carry brigandines and padded cloth to not unuse these armor pieces. This counts as a buff.
- Sarranid Mamlukes reworked, with new armor and better stats, they are ready to compete with their Paladin brothers on the long spans of plains and dunes of sand of Calradia. The Horsemen line also recieved buffs to better compete with Squires and Knights.
- Khergit tier 3 recieved a slight nerf on armor, tier 4 recieved a buff on hand gear to compensate. A small adjustment to overral Khergit gear is planned for future updates, but not on my priority list right now.

The main scope of the update is that guys! I hope that you all enjoy it, and stay tuned for V1.3 wich will include new/revamped Horses, new troops, bandits overhaul, and many many more stuff.
A special thanks to LaGrande for his awesome feedback on many aspects of the mod, wich helped me improve it even further. Thank you, my friend! May the tales of your wiseness spread across the wind and below the stars.



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