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The feature and change list for V1.1 of the module. Not all changes are save-game compatible, such as troop stats, dialogue and some script alterations.

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/===/ Diplomacy 4.litdum Reloaded! /===/

- This is a minor patch to V1.0, for wich the list of features and changes can be found here:
- Please notice there are some undocumented or inconsistent changes, for my lack of time to report them all. Feel free to ask any questions on the modpage or by PMing me at @RedMythos on ModDB. Thanks!

>>> BUGFIXES <<<
- Fixed the necessary ammount of relation needed to open an Enterprise in Towns. Velvet factories cost maintained as 55k instead of the previously docummented 75k.
- Fixed some dialog scripts that returned the "Yes, No_String" response.
- Fixed the skill distribution on Swadian Squire (and onwards) lineup.
- Fixed some weapon meshes, mainly scabbard animations.


>> DAMAGE SYSTEM (and other Module.ini changes)
> Some undocumented features were the changes to the module.ini file, wich include damage staggering, party expierence gain and more. These were not occluded for any particular reason other than the fact that I generally dont keep track of every small or minor QoL improvement. But some of these changes ended up being more important than I previeously thought, so here follows the elucidation on (hopefully) all of them.
- Damage Threshold for getting staggered increased to 10
- Experience multiplier for combat decreased, to accomodate much higher level troops being fought. This made very little change to game progression.
- Weapon Points gained per level increased to 30
- You and the AI can crouch. However, this can be exploited in some truly annoying ways against enemy ranged fire, but so can holding your swing of 2h weapons to the ground and walking around, so, there is nothing I can do about it considering there is no consistent way for me to change the AI of the module.
- Air Friction values greatly increased. This makes so that long range shots are much less deadly, to prevent the overpowering of ranged units on open field. To accomodate this change, ranged weapons in general have higher damage and shot speed, but higher damage falloff. There are some great consequences to that, such as Cavalry charges being decimated if mindlessly used head-on against crossbowmen lines. No longer will you be sniped away from 200 yards with a random headshot, but expect to be hit-killed if shot point-blank from a Siege Crossbow. Strategise around ranged enemies, and you will succeed still. This introduces some learning curve, but it feels very rewarding and much more realistic in my opinion.
- Armor protection effectiveness decreased against Cut, increased against Pierce and Blunt weapons. Dont worry, this mostly affects mid-game and mid-tiered armors and weapons. Great Bardiches will still wreck Rhodok Sharpshooters and Great Maces are still a joy to "meatgrind" on sieges. Just dont feel so invincible running around with your Corrazine, ey?
- Couched Lance damage bonus reduced from 65% to 50%
- Fall damage tripled. The tales of the Flying Horses of the Steppes the Khergits so proudly chant about are no more than a myth, okay? Do not try it. Dont.
- Missile Speed damage bonus increased, Melee Speed damage bonus decreased. This buffs Crossbows on short-range and nerfs Cavalry charges a bit (alongside the couched lance damage bonus reduction)

- Ammount of reinforcement waves in all scenarios increased to make battle rounds last longer, and to better incentivize the player and their companions to play a safer, more "on-command" role.
- World map battles (the one with no player involvment) speed greatly increased, to also better accomodate the higher troop ammount fighting across Calradia.

- Manhunters are now hostile to players who have fought their faction before and can be fought against even with neutral relations with a new dialog option when encountering them on the map (taken and adapted from the legendary Di**plomacy mod... if you know, you know). This was a small and easy change to make to pave the way for some bandit overhaul features planned to drop later on development. Stay tuned!

- Arena pitfights now have worse trained fighters early on, better trained ones later, wich can be identified by their boots (the only equipment you maintain when fighting). Prize rewards were increased to compensate.
- Arena equipment damage decreased, speed increased, to dinamicyze battles more.
- Bow & Dagger initial equipment substituted with Bow & Short Sword to allow for defensive measures against the first AI enemies (but you still will take the first 2h Sword you see laying around, wont you? xD)

- 4 new two-handed variants of swords included, these being Nordic, Swadian, Rhodokian (2h Military Cleaver is back!!) and Sarranian swords. These new swords were included in troops arsenal in seek of better low-tier troop balance.

- Spears recieved another set of changes to make them less deadly on the damage side, and got increased reach to better distinguish themselves as a weapon class. This should still make them a solid option for main- and sidearms. New shortened variants added to Sarranid Spears as well.
- Pikes damage and reach greatly increased, and speed reduced. This is intended to make clusters of infantry much, much more deadly, but also isolated units easier to deal with.
- Lances reach greatly increased to conform with their weapon models.

- Two-handed maces range increased, damage and speed adjusted, to better accomodate their use by cavalry Manhunters.
- One-handed maces damage slightly buffed.


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