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Announcing the upload of UltimaTech mod v1.09! Read on!

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I have updated and uploaded the mod to v1.09! I know earlier I had mentioned 1.1, but I found the Emperor's Oni voicing to be of little worth (read on for why).

I am also determining whether or not it is best in the interests of the community to perhaps cease furthering this mod. The rating tells me enough; That my mod is inadequate, and that I have wasted people's time.

I would like to extend my sincerest apologies for said waste, and beg you to respond to at least this: Why? More specifically, what ruined the fun? Tell me what I have done wrong. I need your help to become a better modder and to learn more of the expectations of you, the community.

I acknowledge my other calls to you have been unanswered (requests for feedback, the request for multiplayer recording), but ,please, I only ask you to answer this, at the very least.

Once again, I apologize for the waste of time my mod has imposed on some of you.





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