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Hi everyone, I'm happy to announce version .98 is now live, please note this is NOT compatible with V0.88. Please email me any bugs reported. Hope you enjoy...

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- added cheat menu for camp screen
- added mod options screen
- removed non faction troops from troop tree presentation
- fixed companions on right to rule / missions bug.
- fixed courting lady gives 'string not found' error
- fixed game crash selecting Ireta mercs
- fixed crash entering port - message Couldn't load Textures/ship_keel_bump.
- fixed some invisible bodies
- fixed spelling, punctuation
- fixed a ton of opp errors
- fixed rebellion / civil war scripts
- minor script fixes
- added new lumber camp
- work site inventories now refresh after a time
- fixed bug that was preventing the naming of newly founded villages
- proper troops now appear when visiting a founded village court
- removed a number of floating objects
- minor scene polishing
- stoped any knight quest lords dieing of old age before quest is completed.
- added new info pages
- drive saxons from lands quest should now be completeable
- fixed repeating 'riot ended' messages
- minor map polishing, fixed some shuttering, fixed some stuck areas
- sending your children out on their own will now spawn adventuring parties
- fixed miss-sized notification windows
- fixed some issues with NPC lord ships getting stuck at sea
- fixed Caer Guricon merchant scene
- fixed issue that stopped player able to exit village menu during a raid. - fixed a bunch of missing textures.

- tweaked AI

- and best of all....




Hope you enjoy, please email me any bugs you might find as I don't always see comments. I will keep working on item balancing next, as well as finish any incomplete quests before releasing 1.0


can't seem to find the cheat menu in camp settings, only read a book is there

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In the game launcher (Not in the game itself) find "cheats" and toggle it. Then when you're in the game, press the ` key (Right above caps lock and tab) and then type in "cheatmenu" without the quotation marks.

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Hello, I would like to help out with the mod and I would also like to point out a list of bugs (and some suggestions I have) i have encoutered that i think you may be unaware of:
the bugs:
1. So, you changed the face skins and they looked absolutely terrible at first. (Idk if this was just me) but I went through and changed each face and now it looks good. (Btw king arthur had brown skin for some reason)
2. Kings are not killable (Though lords are, great job!)
3. many of the scenes have floating objects
4. This may not be a bug, it fact, I think it was probably intentional, but I was playing as a knight for camelot and as soon as we started doing just a bit well like 3 factions declared war against us. Nearly every 2-3 days since factions declared war until we were at war with eleven factions! Eventually my archyenemy caught me with a giant group and I got killed (Which i think is great that you did that! :) (The "bug" being the excessive amount of factions declaring war with no valid reason)

And a few suggestions:
1.I dont know if this is on purpose but you can't camp on the map unless you are in a settlement.
2. Give arthurs knights a bit better gear (I saw one guy wearing a peasant cap and I laughed pretty hard). I know its supposed to be the dark ages, but the troops have better gear then a lot of the lords xD. I would recomend giving at least half of arthurs knights the lords helmet, those nice greaves, and the "Arthurs knight armor" (the red one sir kay has) Maybe even give my inlaw king pabo some shoes xD?
3. Maybe make it so that you can play as a specefic lord? I'd like to play Sir Gawain
4. I'd really like to see more money come in from winning battles if possible. Its nearly impossible to make any money in this mod without completely destroying relations with a lot of villages
5. I'd like to see less renown loss and more gain personally (or maybe make it adjustable?) When you want to do a tactical retreat you lose 20+ renown. When you get downed you lose 3ish renown. I like the idea but I think you went a bit overboard.
P.s I REALLY want to help work on this mod it has a lot of potential and I love seeing original scripts like the lord killing

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