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Here is the progress to the mod : Fuin2 / Full Invasion 2

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Ver 0.8.0 .2 (To join 0.82 server you must update your module to 0.82 or game will bugged)

Court of Reveran faction renamed to The Court of Reveran / The Byzantine Empire
A new defender faction: WW2 Soldiers
A new defender faction : Samurai + Ninjas
A new defender faction from SoD (Sword of Damocles ): Imperial Legion plus the other factions soon.
The Kingdom now have Russian Mercenary Troop + Highlanders
Gun smokes reduced
pistoles are highly accurate, yet the sniper rifles seem inaccuate, snipers now gets a buff
A new invader faction: Native Tribes
norse now have new viking helmets and shields credits to OSP packs
barbarians have new clothes (wut?)
Desert Eagle,Tennis Racket and Umbrella added to Spec ops as melee weapons
Crazy farmers now have chainsaws
Rohan now has horse archers
New graphical changes
New zombie audio files
Crazy Farmers' throwing weapons will now stick to the body permanently until death
A new OSP banner pack from talesworld forum
invader boss now appear properly for different invasions
Item balancing on some invaders
Fixed the Gobllyns' White Meshes
New legendary weapon; Scout's Sniper Rifle
Fixed the Roman Banner Bearer's Helmet
Nerfed OP invader factions
Reduced smoke particles on machineguns
Various new skins and hairs from OSP
New death sounds for female zombies
Fixed pistol hold animation
New gun audio - not unlesss we figure how to deal with those error codes first
New zombie maps (Thanks to numerius)
The terrorists' kamikaze now works (wut?)
Fixed Osama Bin-Laden (this is debatable to be put in)
Easterling missing mesh fixed plus Rhun Infantry armor set and arms
Zombies now have a 'Zombiefied soldier' and a 'Zombiefied samurai" mob
Conan the Barbarian / The Bearman added to invasion of barbarians for more boss variety
The Assassins' faction have new classes

Heraldic items project to implement and thanks to Lor Dirc for letting us use his mod content to turn a Calradia faction heraldic soldier class into a near reality.

Admin chat thanks to ReneKB

This ver is our current goal no release date yet as it requires bug testing with the team.


Indeed it is remember people this is a alpha feedback on the forums are welcomed.

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How do you switch back to 0.7 if you installed it via desura? Also any idea how long till 0.8 is fixed?

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Retired_Tak Author

you need to get the fix on page, desura will take a while for admins to approve the file

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Uhm i was thinking, either i am doing something wrong else i can't see all the nations when chosing attackers and defenders. I can see the list of nations goes on, but i cant see them and there fore choose them. am i doing something wrong, or is it a temporarely bug?

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