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Here is the progress to the mod : Fuin2 / Full Invasion 2

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Server config for 0.7...

v07 Change log:
added some new hairs : 100%
added all unused armors in open brf files: 100%
if you are a Knight you can ride horses again after dismount: 100%
new defender faction: Chinese Song Dynasty/ Ming Dynasty Empire: 100%
new defender faction: Super-Heroes : 100%
romans now have roman banner carrier : 100%
native bow animation is back : 100%
new Invader faction: Isengard Invasion: 100%
new Invader faction: Crazy Farmers Invasion: 100%
re-added Legendary M82 Sniper Rifle, Legendary Crossbow + Legendary Vanhelsing Crossbow to Lucky box: 100%
bug fixs on some faction with texture error: 100%
Several helmets added to the Goblins + to few of the defender factions: 100%
new Legendary Weapons: Sword of Justice, Legedary Great Sword, Legendary Elven Sword, and a few legendary items: 100%
rebalance all factions: 100%
new perks for defender factions: 100%
new defender faction: Survivors 100%
new defender faction: Spec-Ops: 100%
new defender faction: Terrorists : 100%
new invader faction: Persians: 100%
new invader faction: Terrorists : 100%
new zombie types: Mummy, Hunter, Super-Fast Zombie Runner: 100%
map no longer change when all defenders died : 100%
woman rextured face working again: 100%


Excellent eagerly awaiting the update.

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