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A quick update on the current state of the mod and some news.

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Greetings Adventurers!

I've returned from my "contemplation time", and did so unemployed, so i will have to slow down development speed until i find myself a new one. Also, since i've been doing the mod all by myself and having to jump to and from concept artist to programmer then 3d modeler often, and doing all of it is taking some time, which i'll have to use on freelancing and job hunting.

But bad news aside;

This week i've been trying to get the building system finished but i am having some issues with the engine, i'll post some images of what can be noticed visually but i've been doing mostly coding:

- New building menu:

It will now tell you all the important details about the selected building and much more. You can also see it in action in the last update, i've fixed some issues with it now so i might make a new video next update.

- Rotation and dynamic placement (coding)

Lots of math on this one, gave me quite the headache.

- Started working on the world map AI (Objectives and trade)

- Started villager AI (Daily objectives and animations)

- Some work on the lore (Here are some spoiler free snipets)

I'll reveal some more lore as the mod progresses.

I would also like to ask for anyone intrested to help out on the project, it will certainly speed up things ♥

With love


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