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This is the first Project FPTD v0.2 review so far. It is done by Maxwolf Goodliffe from Magrathean Technologies (Incognito Episodes 1, 2 & 3). All we can say is: "Thank you for the excellent review, we are glad that you enjoyed the game!".

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This is the first Project FPTD v0.2 review so far. It is done by Maxwolf Goodliffe from Magrathean Technologies (Incognito Episodes 1, 2 & 3). All we can say is: "Thank you for the excellent review, we are glad that you enjoyed the game!".

My experience and thoughts on Project FPTD 0.2
Downloaded 0.2 this morning and was delightfully surprised at how fun this can be! Not to get ahead of myself, will list stuff as I saw it...


Installer was InnoSetup script like NA uses. It worked good and suggested to add the game to "Program Files (x86)". I decided to put it at "C:\Project FPTD".

Copied files and then ran .Net 2.0 installer which failed on Windows 7 x64 with "wrong architecture", then tries to run PhysX installer and already have newer version so it cancels itself out and I am ready to play!

First Run
After seeing familiar phrase "Puny humans are instructed to wait" (which is also what CrazyBump normal map generation program says to me) I get the main menu.

Fades in ontop of nice background picture and lets me select snow map or grass map, the bottom button I thought was "Options" or something but when I clicked it the game just exited. Opps.

Second Run
Now I know what that 3rd button does, avoiding it I click the grass map and it loads in a few seconds.

I'm then presented with birds-eye view of the entire map and can move around it using my mouse. I discover I can hover over the turret locations and press my use key to activate their configuration screens.

Having only about 30 seconds on startup to decide what I wanted to do. No training area or tutorials on how this works as the game immediately tells you some mutated swine are coming to destroy everything. The game begins!

I survive the first wave and figure out how to activate turrets. Horrah! Instructions are for girls anyway I got this I think...

Here comes Wave 2, more swine but with more health now. I discover the turrets can be upgraded with money you make after previous wave (but could not figure out how it was made or how to optimize my revenue). You can also sell them back for a fraction of what it cost to build them and put a different kind of turret there. The selections were: Gatling, Cannon, Flame, Tesla, Gluer

I upgrade my duel gatling turrets to quad gatling turrets and survive the next several rounds until ambushed by a rogue attack force of cocks! The roosters run very quickly and the gatling turrets worked hard to lay them down and I had to chase one across the entire map but I eventually got him.

At this point I noticed a small blue screen near the beginning of the map, when there was a quiet moment enough to walk up to it I noticed it allowed you to buy different weapons for yourself. There was another gun I bought called "stun gun" which does exactly what it's name implies and really helped with those damn lightning fast roosters.

Some of said roosters actually managed to make it all the way to the other side of the map to what looked like an entrance to secret base (perhaps where this scientist guy that tells me what is coming next is located). When the roosters got there they just zapped away with some kinda GDI Ion cannon light beam (very strange) I could not tell if I received a penalty for this or not, the round ended immediately after their death.

I kept rolling with it as I didn't seem to trigger any sort of "you fail" for that last mishap. I run back to the beginning of the map as another blitzkrieg of cows and roosters come at me but this time I have flamethrowers and gatling turrets tearing it up until I arrived to finish off the job. Well played good sir!

This game was A LOT of fun to play. Although it really could do with some tutorials on how things work before just tossing enemies at you would be nice. I realize you are still working on this but as far as functional demos go and beta/alpha software this has a production feel to it and the animated gun models and custom characters really help with this.

I got confused a couple of times but only for a few moments until I realized how things just worked like configuring turrets and selling/upgrading them. When you are in the birds-eye view I could not select some of the turrets and had to configure them from FPS as it was the only way to do so.

Overall I had a good time and found myself cussing at the roosters as they slipped past my defenses. The sudden rushes destroyed my assumptions that farm animals are mostly harmless, music was good and changed with the pace of the game going to soft melodies when configuring turrets and back to hard rock when mowing down enemies.

Final word: I would pay $10 for this as is - $20 if I could kill farm animals with my friends. Great potential here, only minor issues. Fun and original game based on classic concept. Congrats!


*. Notify player that money is being made or lost, I was so confused at how money was made. Was it based on kills? How quickly I did it? Some mixture of both?

*. Maybe after first 5 - 10 rounds go on 'break' with your scientist friend who offers to sell you new guns and tells you about gun purchasing screen at start of map. I found this screen completely by accident.

*. Definitely some tutorials or some sort of 'training' area so I can figure out game mechanics before fighting for my life.

*. Multiplayer or Co-op possible? If I could do this with a friend the value would almost instantly double as me and my roomie hold down the farm.

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I like this Farm game :P

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