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The newest version of THE SPACE PIRATE: First Hunt is here! Now playable in the latest version of GZDoom and including a new UNLIMITED BATTLE mode!

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v0.2 Title Screen

Hello piratesMelody Maniacs! As mentioned previously, here is a new bugfix update for The Space Pirate! This allows TSP to be played on the latest version of GZDoom and has a ton of quality-of-life features!

◆ = New feature/major change
◈ = Bugfix
◇ = Misc. change/update/feature

CUSTOM MONSTERS ARE FULLY OPERATIONAL! Load up and fight against your favorite adversaries such as Malefactors, Legion of Bones, Iron Snail, Project Malice and more!
UNLIMITED BATTLE MODE: Available in the difficulty selection menu, fight until your last breath with no time limit!
◆ New UI sounds
◆ Changes to SLIPDASH functionality:
↪ Slipdash is now more responsive, with new visual effects (slight view tilt, smoke)
↪ Consecutive slipdashes have lowered momentum
↪ Press crouch again while in the middle of slipdash to cancel out of it
◆ Changes to WALLJUMP trajectory to make consecutive jumps easier, as well as a slight view tilt
◆ Menu and HUD now scale and look better in resolutions that aren't 16:9 or 1280x720 specifically
◆ Bilinear filter added to many graphics for better scalability
◈ Clearing your .ini file is no longer necessary to start TSP
◈ Changed how monsters are spawned to accommodate not only custom maps but also custom monsters
◈ Weapon sprites are no longer drawn over the automap
◈ Fixed melee attacks not using the blood type of the monster
◈ Crouching now works correctly, with tracer heights being changed to reflect player height
◇ Updates to Other Mods Menu menu list including new compatible mod sub-menus.
◇ Changed general verbiage in menus
◇ New menu animations
◇ New quit messages

MAG SPEAR is now performed by pressing TRAIT + ALTERNATE FIRE while in-air, allowing you to do the STASIS SLAM when off the ground
◆ New Mel voice lines for using MAG GRAPPLE and STASIS SLAM
◆ New sounds for STASIS SLAM being activated/impact
◆ New taunt voice lines added in the rotation
◆ Reloads can be interrupted
◆ Sound cue for Power Bank being activated
◆ New landing sounds
◈ Proper A_Light usage for Mel's weapons

Unlimited Battle

Thank you for your patience! We are still working on the Second Attack demo, with a goal of releasing it early next year. We have also opened a Patreon page with the goal of helping with the development of this project (and our other projects)! Your support is much appreciated!

Please let us know if you find any bugs by reporting here or on our Discord server! Happy hunting!

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