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Some news from the last few days, it's been an artistic week.

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Here i am again with some more news about the development.
So, bad news first:
- I'll have to push back the release of the alpha due to some editor bugs, as soon as i get this figured out i'll update everyone. The issue is with the construction system, i REALLY didn't want to release the alpha without it so i'll do another week or so of code crunching and if i can't fix it i'll just release the alpha without it untill i get a solution.

Now for the good part:
- I've been trying to get the hang of the pipeline ZBrush>Maya>Larian and i'm starting to get some results, can't say for sure if new models will be available in the alpha, but i'll try, here are some screenshots:

- Wrote about 12 pages of new lore.

- New concept for the RTS introduction tutorial npc, "The Wanderer", he's a mysterious man, wanders around the "world's eye" in the desert, some say there's been records of sightings of him dating back to millennia, who is he? Guess you'll find out ;)

Pics or didn't happen:

- Implemented some new branches on 3 dialogues.

- Continued the work on the woodlands area.

- I've been trying different approaches for the "daily life" AI and i think i found a pretty good one, ran a test on a city with about 30 active npc's and worked fine, i'll try to tweak it to handle about 100 npc's and might cap it there, or make a "LOD" system for the AI. Either way the cities feel more lively.

- Bunch of coding ...
- Tons of debugging -_-'

- A bazillion bugs, the worst one so far, is that ass the meshes i was using for the buildings converted to static for some random reason, i'll have to recreate all of them .... again ...

- Finished the human part of the prologue completely, now i'll start on the undead part of the prologue.

- Drank lots of coffee.

Well that's about it for today, i've also finished the work on documentation and proper pipeline, so from now on i'll do a full round of concept>creation>3d 1st pass>lore check>3d 2nd pass> implementation , on new assets.

You folks have a great week ♥

With love


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