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Some news on the new build [v0.1.2.4], a preview of the day and night cycle.

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Tally ho!

So, before today's update, i'd like to say that, the alpha release might be pushed back a bit, i think a matter of days, the reason is that i want to be sure i squash all the bugs in the current build before opening it up for everyone.

Now the list of the day:

- Finally managed to create an ocean shader that looks good, took a long time on this as this shader can now be considered permanent, no more tweaking for it at least.

- Finished implementing the day cycle, it still need tweaks in regard to coloring and shadows but its functional for now. (Didn't make this in a video format because the way the Divinity engine and my Time coding interact i would have to sit here for about 2 hours to get the footage of all the atmospheres)



It's High Noon:



Early Night:

Deep Night:

- Started working on two new systems: Automated Assisted Battle System (AABS) and Automated Unattended Battle System (AUBS), i will talk more abot AI and combat in the next update ♥

- Fixed some logic errors on the building system.

- Implemented 2 new quests.

- Started work on new heads for the human female template.

- First version of the AI daily life system implemented.

- Documented almost all the assets from the mod.

- Reformatted the mod structure and documents to improve workflow.

- Work on the prologue is about 70% done.

- Finished the first geography modeling pass on the world terrain.

(The flickering is because i had to go crazy on shadow render distance and some other LODs, will not happen while in-game)

- Bunch of coding and other stuff that won't sound interesting at all :P

Hopefully i can squash the bugs and implement all the alpha features soon.

Help us by filling this quick form about what would you want us to prioritize :

Also, we are looking for willing souls to join the modding side of the force:

With love ♥


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