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Stuff being working now is now in progress, please don't judge the mod too harshly

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My Plans/ To do list for next version: (Stuff below will be the change log for next version when its out)
Reduce Crashes in game (This cannot be fixed with a patch so people have to wait for v0.12)
Most textures are now optimized thus reducing lag
Redone tons of textures
Fix the barricade stacking bug.
Fix a bug where it will crash the game is there is too many barricades around or barricades up in the sky
New Barricades : Pavise Shield, Wooden Wall.
Fix Refill Cheat
Remove admin option 'Kill all horse and teleport all players as they can instant crash the server when there is over 20 people
Isengard berserker, ugluk, lurtz and uruk hai gloves fixed
Fix bots not attacking 2 of the new barricades
Fix Alien bugs crashing server - new types of aliens bugs as well
Overhaul on factions
Fix retarded pistol animation
There will be proper Invasion in mostly all Defender factions
Laser Beam like-weapons for the aliens and alike
Raptors are now faster
Heroes such as Boromir will have more health than normal troops
Tons of new items, models and textures
Mumakils now back to Harad Troops
New improved Terrain borders - fixed the buggy ones
Fix to all bugged armors - E.g new Lotr armors
Flaming swords are back
New Class for Isengard- Uruk hai Crossbowman
Fix Hedge Knight Archer Armor
New items for Hedge Knight
New maps and maps adjustment
New Dragons
New Assasin Armors
New Empire Armors
New Dwarfs items
New Kingdom Armors
New WW2 and WW1 related items
New Chinese items
New Persian Items
New Japanese items
New Aliens
New Lizardman
New Orc Items
New LOTR Armors
New Goblins
Black Trolls
Dark Goblins
Landsknecht now carry pikes instead of muskets - thanks to Talic for correcting this
Fall of the samurai-inspired Line Infantry now in Invasion of Black Powder
Fixed Straw Shield error
Fixed Shader bugs on various armors
Shogun class now playable in Sengoku jidai faction
Martini Henry Rifle now reload much faster - buff to Anglo Zulu War
New trololo infantry for Crazy Farmer Invasion.
Chinese Invasion now have Yellow Turbans
New items for Imperial Legion and Spartans
Zulu Woman warrior no longer shemale
New items and models for farmers to make them more farmer-like
New WW1 / WW2 based weapons
New WW2/WW1 based Uniforms
New SWAT Officer, New USnavy, Greece Riot Police, Police Armor etc
New modern armors (new sets for modern civilians, modern soldiers and terrroists)
Seven years war uniforms have dub meshes - fixed
Seven years war lance not couchable - fixed
vikings now have throwing axes and some new items
Barricade hammers no longer appear in chest
Mordor Battle Troll, Snow Troll, Mountain Troll and Cave Troll will become stronger
Alien bugs no longer dies when the legs are gone
Re-rigged the trolls
Real Factions Kingdom Icons (No more Native ones)
Zombie faces bugged - fixed
SS Rifleman class in world war 2 soldiers now have revolver
Reposition cowboy hats
Trench maps are fixed
Split Modern Classess into - Snipers, Survivors, Police Officer, Riot Police, SWAT Officer, Assault Troopers etc
Stormtroopers set now works for females.
Many Perians no longer wear any blue uniforms
Elendil armor set and several arnor general armors fixed
Flamethrower now in WW2 / WW1 faction.
Buff Space Marines
overhaul to rohan now they have new armors, weapon like axes, throwing spears etc.
zombie younsters replaced with new zombies due to not fitting the lore
most guns cannot be pick due to adding a new feature is fixed

New Game Mode- PvP based- Invasion mode plus playable Invaders.
etc (This means there will be over 50 invasions for defenders so it will take awhile to release next version)

Number of Items in v0.11 - 6260

Number of maps in v0.11- 144

Decap still needs some work but we managed to fixed the red line errors and a bunch of major bugs, its ready to play.

Full List of Change log for v0.11 can be trace here:

- Also make sure you 'don't join any server that is running v0.10 because you will crash, so make sure you join v0.11 servers. Below are the servers that the Devs trust -

Wolfpack - (need fixing on server side problem)
Kingdom of Arnor
78th Offical EU
38e Offical NA
GK Offical NA

server that are oudated and bugged-


Many servers have updated to v0.11. make sure you join server with tag v0_11 on them. E.G Offical EU v011

If you download the High res or Low res version they are 'Full version' so there is no need to download patches. However if you download the version earlier those are bugged so please redownload either the low res or the high res version again.

if you have a 64 bit pc and crashed when joining FI2_v011 server, lower your graphics and make sure you got the right one, perhaps download the v0.11 Low Res version to see if it works. (Also don't forget the night time patch)

If you have missing textures or many things are bugged, you probably have a corrupted download, so please redownload the mod.

Be sure to Tick load textures on demand in warband config or it will take forever to pass the loading screen, if this still doesn't work try to run it on lowest graphics, then turn up the graphics once you are in game.

A new method to reduce lag and crash in-game. Right click on mb_warband.exe, go to properties, go to compatibility and then select Windows 7/8 to make it compatible.

-If you crash when joining a server, put texture detail to 10 first, once you are in the game you may turn it back up again.

-Do not spam barricades they will crash the server

Polish Translation for v0.11:



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Super excited for the mage!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Dionsaurs ! :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes

Why didnt i think of Invasion of factions swap? Derp..

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Wow, I cannot wait for the release. This looks awesome. Keep up the awesome work!

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Why less DMG against zombies ? They are freaking difficult even with Guns.

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Retired_Tak Author

Tested with 120 players few days ago against the zombies, easy as hell, atm modern guns is too OP ;p

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Its hard when you just play 2 person co-op with a friend though

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Whoa guys! Do you have a date? :)

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When this version will be relased? can't wait for this!

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We estimate a release date during early summer.. version 11 will be big and the biggest one yet. However it may come out earlier: approx june-july.

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I only have one complaint that I didn't see a fix in the todo list- How do you scroll the factions so I can get to LoTR ect, ?

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You mean in the admin panel a scroller will be added nexet version. :)

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bretonnia? :D <3

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Will this be out within the next couple of weeks?

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never mind just saw the twitter update

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