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In Urban Wastelands there are two clans that will fight for control of fuel to feed their machines. This is going to develop using UDK.

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Game Description:
Wastelands is a post apocalyptic first person shooter, which takes
place in the not so distant future. Fuel and water are scarce and
what is around will come with a fight. Two clans have developed with
very different philosophies on how to survive, or how to rebuild a
new future in what has become known as Urban Wastelands

The Scavengers
Are made up of those citizens who would like to forget the tragedies
and failures which led us to this demise. They are mostly made up of
the seamier side of life, to numerous to list here, but need I say
you would not want to take them home to mother. They roam the
country side pillaging and killing those that get in their way.
Marauding camps for their fuel to feed their machines, which are
souped up muscle cars with a vast array of arsenals ranging from,
machine guns, grenade launchers and missiles.

The Survivors
Are made up of a group of people trying to rebuild a sense of
community and unity. But when they are attacked, you will find they
dish out as good as you could ever give. A majority of the Survivors
are men and women that have served in some sort of military or law in
enforcement capacity. This is reflected in just how fiercely they
protect there base


thats awesome

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How is this different from EVERY other post apocylptic story out there? Because I would really like to know.

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Well Lets see you make a better one.

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I didn't mean it to tell him that it's completely stupid, but I think I idea is over-used now. And I will.

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Cargo Author

Thanks for your comments guys.
Once I have some more done of the environment. I`ll post some screen shot. I will than post the whole story.I did try and to come up with something a little different then your basic post apocalyptic theme that takes place after a nuclear blast.
Again thanks guys...

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