Post news RSS Updates will be a little late in the upcoming 3 or 4 weeks.(Actually longer)

I am working on a few other projects that need my attention.

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I will be updating a few days late each week with screens and such, because...
1. Life gets in the way.
2. I just began making another version of biowars but as a standalone and FREE game.
3. I'm also making a short role playing styled game that will be giving alot more in depth story on biowars. It won't have much fighting in it at all. It would just be like a ton of cinematics with short moments where you do things.
It will explain the following...
-Why the mod and games are named "Bio"wars
-How the scavangers came into play.
-How the E.U.F. were established.
-How the Aliens were discovered.
-Why the groups fight each other.
-About a few of the key people/things that started the war.

No one in the biowars MOD team is working on the following projects but me.(ATM)
I might get a few people to help with the game though.

The full games graphics are expected to be like the source or Unreal Tournament 2004 graphics.


I haven't worked with the Unreal Engine 2.5, but I suspect it is more stable than the source engine of Half-Life 2, because Unreal Tournament 2004 had working vehicles that didn't lag the game out when used in small numbers.

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BioWarsProductions Author

It prblly is, on my old cpu hl2 lagged a ton(large levels) but unreal engine 2.5 barely did.

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