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We've not got much time to update recently and tech problems are stopping progress.

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Sorry for the lack of updates recently, none of us have had much spare time recently with the whole beginning of summer etc. Plus my computer has decided to start dying on me - heatsink for the CPU has broken off and now doesn't cool properly (90 degrees C at idle). So I don't have much I can do on it without risking the system :(. I'll have a new one at some point soon but until then I can't do much compiling because the CPU temp peaks at 120 where the system shuts down to protect itself.

However, we do have some more of the Alpha Map complete, there's been some more ambience added for a better effect, we've also gotten to the bottom of the lighting problems so we may be able to get some lighting systems implemented in the alpha but I'm still not sure yet. We're also getting some physics in too - should make things interesting.
We do plan to enable items to fall on zombies etc. Which leads me to our competition....

When we have a good amount of physics implemented we plan on having a competition for the best physics zombie kill (such as shooting an item off a high ledge and crushing a zombie) and more :D
More details of this once we have a release!

Thats about it I can do for now, sorry about this! I'll post some good updating next Thursday!


Um...why don't you just get a new heatsink? They're only maybe $15 for a good one with a fan and lights, $5 for a crappy metal one...They also clip right on, you can't screw it up.

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hes getting one as soon as he can but until he does he cant get any work done
we do live off a student bugget so its not easy to get somethings streight away

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