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We're extremely thankful for all the support so far, and we have a couple updates on the mod's development.

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First of all, thanks to everyone for the support and feedback. It's all really useful and we're all amazed about how much this has blown up. We even made it briefly to #1 on ModDB, which we never imagined would happen.

Anyway, we discussed in our first blog post that we were trying to decide if we should stick to hl1 or hl2 style graphics. We still can't decide, so we've made a poll so we can gauge what most people want, and we'll try to adhere to the most popular option. You can take the poll here. Please be honest, as we'll be basing most of the mod on this info.

Also since releasing the demo, we've gotten a lot more people on the team, and we now consist of almost 10 people. We can't express how thankful we are, and remember if you want to join now you still can.

ceriux - - 1,514 comments

hey as for the graphics choice i prefer wasnt on there so i chose what was closest. but i think you should use half-life 1 models. but for the things that werent in half-life 1 you should make new models in the same style as half-life 1. textures could either be made new in the vein of half-life 1, or just be ported and modified to look like half-life 1 textures i.e. port/scale to lower resolution/reduce colors. this is a very interesting mod and im glad it's being made. i personally prefer half-life 1 (including gameplay) my only issue is the engine has limitations in terms of map size and edicts... this will be half-life 2 for the old school! cannot wait!

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Vertelame - - 440 comments

Since is "Clasic" You shoul use the way that the Half liffe sourse was done, baically ported everything and changed the resolution, though as the guy above e said, it would be real interething to see how half life 2 would have look if were done back in the same era, much as in the same way as black mesa howed how the original gme would have look like if were done when HL2 went out.

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