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As usual I soldier on alone refining and implementing. This is just a small update for those curious as to whats been going on.

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So, with every day that goes by Stalker gets that little bit older and TK a little closer to completion. Progress over the last few weeks has been a little slow (real life getting in the way, dammit!) but progress has been made. Here are some of the things you can expect in the next beta build;

- Brand new main menu (its a bit flashier than that musty old static menu)
- Weapon fire distance and zoom factors changed.
- Optimised some textures.
- Edited some scripts. Now from time to time factions that are similar you may see "co-operating" with eachother, by taking over guard duty at some guard points. For example, military and duty. Alternatively, you may just run into some unexpected surprises.
- All.spawn will be finished.
- In-game UI has been tweaked

With those completed, I'll begin to focus on trying to restore the old story of Stalker and adding in new levels but I can't guarantee I'll complete those tasks as its been 3 years or more now.. I have to call the TK project a day somewhere.

Bolognius_Maximus - - 619 comments

So are you pausing your work on this then and taking a break? Or what exactly? How far is it from finished?

Great work so far by the way.

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ketxxx Author
ketxxx - - 1,287 comments

I haven't really taken any breaks from the mod I just haven't had much time :( the mod is basically finished I just have to finish adding everything to the all.spawn file, I may try and draft in 1 or 2 helpers for that but nobody has wanted to help with this mod ever since I started it some 3+ years ago so it'll probably be down to me to do.

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