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Hello Wilson's supporters !

It's been a long time since we haven't done any official updates and we are sorry about that: the past year has been full of ... unforseen consequences.
It's not always easy to deal with both real world jobs/studies and our passion for doing this game: free time was rare this year, and major bugs were (unfortunately) not.

But now just a few weeks passed since we have been greenlit, and that was one hell of a news for us ! Valve contacted us and now we are focusing on getting the game to Steam.
The entire team would like to thank you for your awesome support, you truly are our best motivation !

Now the updates !

The remasterized title introduction for the game :

Wilson Chronicles - Title Introduction (2014) - Mod DB

Some fresh images for today's news :

Chapter 6 Chapter 6
Chapter 6 Chapter 6Chapter 6 Chapter 7

A little sneak peek on the 3D Model's side :

And a little preview of the WIP official soundtrack !

Again, thank you very much for all your support.

Hoping that you'll gonna vote to help us get in the Top 100 of this MOTY just like past year !

You can also join the community group and the facebook group to stay tuned for the latest news !

MasterFen - - 96 comments


ill vote when you give us some actual good ******* content

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s0ca - - 4 comments

What there's in the news doesn't suit to you?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+14 votes
medve - - 1,475 comments

probably the shots from the same corridors we've seen already. smells like moty pr and not new content.

Reply Good karma Bad karma-3 votes
Magic_Nipples - - 1,325 comments

are you daft? Did you just skip over the entire post?

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Andrzej_Kocur - - 192 comments

He is right, dunno why most of you are excited like teenagers. All hypetrains take off from logo video and some screens/soundtrack. Derail when the gameplay does not differ much from what is shown in the demo ... weak and not optimized demo. So hold your anal sphincters.

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Andrzej_Kocur - - 192 comments

Im gonna vote it up, such credit of trust

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MrMazure - - 223 comments

Your last news was for MOTY 2012 and it has been radio silence till now. Not making the same mistake twice, sorry. No vote this year.

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SweetRamona - - 5,113 comments


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s0ca - - 4 comments

you know, all the team have a real life beside the game(student/worker...), we apologize for radio silence but every sdk update we need to modify some stuff for the compatibility.
And that's a lot of work.
We don't blame you for not voting :) it's your choice ;)

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Eaglesg Author
Eaglesg - - 212 comments

I couldn't agree more with my teammate s0ca.
No hard feelings ;)

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SabreXT - - 296 comments

What's with the weird dark box over the screen shots?

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Eaglesg Author
Eaglesg - - 212 comments

My bad, I'm correcting this right away !

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al-bundy - - 77 comments

nice work ! as always :)

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SPY-maps - - 2,906 comments

Sorry, but i have to agree with Mr.Mazure;

MrMazure Dec 7 2013, 9:03am says:
Your last news was for MOTY 2012 and it has been radio silence till now. Not making the same mistake twice, sorry. No vote this year.

A whole year we hear/see nothing, and now that the MOTY is coming around again you suddenly show us some old content. Sorry, but you don't earn votes that way, we can't be fooled like that.
Ofcourse, we all have busy lives. But 1 year without any updates???
OK, but don't come around then when the MOTY is coming around again
Just my 2 cents of thought,


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TheUnbeholden - - 3,612 comments

holy sheeeett. THE Leon? I remember playing your maps back when HL2 didn't have many mods. I have to agree with the modest commentors. I understand why hype trains exist, because pre-rendered trailers can do that. But here we have the exact opposite problem. Theres barely anything here to be excited about. A logo. A hazard suit. A song. Some screens that look familiar somehow. I can't help but feel very let down, waiting a year for nothing. The only thing of real substance is a poorly optimized demo from 2011. Yeah congrats on Greenlight... no back and get some real work done.

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FrEEmAn77 - - 103 comments

"no back and get some real work done."

I really don't like this kind of comment, we're actually doing our best to interest people, because there was almost nothing new in the project this year, we're only 4 working on the project "activly". It's very hard to get motivated, when you see comments like this, saying we don't care about the project and we just want votes for MOTY... We thought the MOTY was for us a chance to not be forgotten. Now I guess you'll say we should look for some people to help us, believe it or not, we already did this hundred of times, and almost nobody wants to join the project, because Source modding is almost dead. For the guys who were OK to join, well they just dissapeared somehow, one day they're full active, and the other, they're dead with no way to contact them. That's what happens generaly.

Well we are doing what we can to surprise and enjoy you but, as Eaglesg said, we also have our real lives, and time goes really fast, so fast that in one year, only some minor changes and some mapping has been made (Thanks to Frere d'arme). We're actually in a difficult part of the development, with the lack of people to help, we are thinking about what we could add to the gameplay without being able to code it or to make the models we need to be done. That's really awkward because pushing us this way while in difficulties of development, will lead to an unfinished mod. We are not paid for modding, we are not a big dev studio, don't forget every mod is made by amateurs, trying to entertain people with their work, that's what we are doing, the best way we can. Even if this year was not good, look at what we did before and think about what we'll have possibility to do after.

That's all I had to say, hope you understood it.

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SPY-maps - - 2,906 comments

Sorry, but i do need to thank The Unbeholden for his great comment about my own sp-mods. But we are here to talk about your project.

Please don't get me wrong, i don't want to bash this mod in any way, the opposite is the case, (am tracking it for quit a while now). What did concern me was not that you don't add news for a year, as a modder myself i know how time consuming modding is and that real life is always around the corner so to speak. What does bother me that when we hear after a year from you, it is to vote for your project. In it is a bit in contradiction with each other. To vote for a project we need to see a lot of its development. You said it yourself, you guys were not able to do much this year, and that is ok, but why then vote for it...

But, just please keep developing! Just please see if you can put more time and effort in it next year. And forget about that MOTY. I have released a lot of large mods and never ones asked for a MOTY vote. Its fun, the MOTY, but more important is the mod itself. And when it is any good, it doesn't need the exposure a MOTY can give it.


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Guest - - 692,077 comments

Wow !! The OST sounds really great !
Please hurry up and release it !!

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~Mapster(WFc) - - 806 comments

As per usual, always amazing content coming from this mod!

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