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This update is about new USA arsenals, units and more. This is only a preview of the progression and where the mod stands. Also, what I'm up to.

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The first update of 2013 and might be the last as well for the moment as for I'm not sure whether I'll have the time or not. But, here are those which I'd like to show you guys.

This is USA Humvee. Well, what's the fucking difference from the original one? The answer is this one is just a variation built of a normal Humvee. The laser version will also be available as well, you can't see it since I haven't done it. Are there be more variations to come? I have no clue. That depends on my enthusiasm.

Side: USA
Capacity: 3 men
Weapon: Machine Gun, TOW Missile Launcher
Armour: Standard Humvee Plate
Speed: Fast
Upgrade: Drones, Composite Armour, Advanced Training, TOW Missile Launcher

This is USA Paladin Howitzer. Well, in the last Paladin Tank related update, it was replaced by Abrams Tank so your argument is invalid. Long story short, this is a self-propelled howitzer edited from vanilla Paladin.

Side: Either General Granger or General Alexander
Clip: 4 Rounds
Weapon: 155 mm Howitzer
Armour: Medium Plate
Speed: Medium
Upgrade: Drones, Composite Armour, Advanced Training

This is USA "Titan" Mk.I Prototype Tank. A experimental heavy tank, produced for heavy fire power and heavy defensive position, is use to shake-down the uproar of the new PLA forces. There are also EMP Missiles variation and Railgun variation for General Alexander and General Townes.

Side: USA
Clip: 8 Anti-tank Missiles
Size: Around Emperor Tank (Estimated)
Weapon: Unique Cannon, Anti-tank Missiles Pot, Machine Gun
Armour: Heavy Plate
Speed: Slow
Upgrade: Drones, Composite Armour, Advanced Training, Mine Clearing
#Note: I cannot guarantee that you will see this unit in Skirmish mode. Also, this applies to some new units as well

This is USA Laser Comanche. Nothing specific here, this is just a rebuild to replace the one in the latest release.

Side: General Townes
Weapon: Vulcan, Double-Laser Battery
Armour: Standard Comanche Plate
Speed: Fast
Upgrade: Advanced Training, Countermeasures

This is USA Upgradable Minesweeper. Only specific tanks could be upgraded with this thing due to balancing and game engine limitation.

Function: Sweep mines, prevent the owner from mine damages
#Note: I cannot guarantee that you will see this thing in Skirmish mode.

The difference between these two variations would be health and damage resistance since it can be damaged from bombs and shit.

As for the flags, there are only a few things I could implement on them. As the followings are the possible function of them flags:
-Area Revealer
-Area-Healing Zone
-Auto Supply Generating Zone
-Reduce Cost of Units, Buildings, etc.
And yes, I welcome suggests other than these and flag conquest if it's possible to be done. Feel free.

Be aware that these are not entirely done yet, some are merely a completed unit. Things might change as the time flies but feel free to suggest or advice.

Thank you for reading if you actually have read the entire thing. It's very tiring to write stuff D:
tay tune for more updates in the future, in this case is the new garrison penetration system, I'll upload the video once it's completed, and see you later.


Vector IV you are amazing

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VectorIV Author

I'm flattered. But, it's not only me though that is amazing ;p

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Get a room u 2 :P

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I got a little freaked when I saw the reflections.

But, it appears that the Paladin has fewer polygons than the other USA units. Not that I think it is ugly, because I don't, but it might stand out too much amongst other units.

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My god This is good...

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