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This is an update about the new NATO vehicles and tanks.

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Hello again, it's the first update blog of this year, yay. This time about artillery featuring, well, artillery only.

First of the units is the Paladin tank SPG. Arguably confused the shit out of wiki warriors back in the day considering vZH Paladin is an entirely different thing but it just hijacked the name Paladin. So now to confuse the OG vZH players who's not into reading irl lore, I'm making the Paladin Paladin again.

"What's the difference between M109A6 and the PLZ-05?" you might ask. Aside from minute flavour stats, the PLZ-05 now can use burst firing bombardment while the M109A6 can use precision bombardment.
I swear they're different units.

Next is the Himars. I guess I don't really to introduce it at this point considering all the memes and news all there. "Why not the M270 like the previous iteration?" you might ask. Well, I just wanted to switch things up for the time being and that's all there is to it really. Case closed.

But in all seriousness, the M270 is a lot more powerful than your standard 40 tubes 122mm MRL and probably a lot more expensive. Hence the "lite" version is more suitable from the same tier of unit.
The M270 will probably make a come back in the future just not any time soon.

Lastly is the Gryphon or commonly known as Tomahawk Launcher. If you've known what the irl version looks like, it doesn't look like the vZH at all. It's a very, very long truck and I mean LONG truck like the long cat meme with 4 launchers on the trailer part.

With that being said, it presents two main issues.
First, 4 launchers of Tomahawk missile is just overkill in ZHE balance. Essentially you have 4 super precise death rays per each Grpyhon and you can have a few Grpyhon meaning it's basically gg for the enemy.
Second is it's very vulnerable in wheeled chassis. Not only that it's super slow but it takes lots of space meaning once the enemy knows where you park it, *POOF* it's gone
So I came into the conclusion that I guess people just wouldn't want to use it. It's stupid to use offensively and defensively it's basically just NATO iron curtain for ground units.
Hence I stuck mostly with the OG design. It might be not efficient irl but it does have the cool factor so whatever.

"Mostly"? What changed, you might ask. Well, The turret is mostly the same design but I changed the chassis design using the XM2001's design since it does have the futuristic and prototype feel to it.
The missile is also changed to be more accurate to its irl counter part especially its small wings when it's cruising time.

NATO M109A6 'Paladin' Self-propelled Artillery is NATO's veteran indirect-fire support and the hammer of the shock & awe doctrine. It can punch through enemy fortifications with ease thanks to the 155mm gun. Capable of firing precision munitions, it excels at counter-battery firing and eliminating strategic targets. Seeing many battles in various wars ever since the Vietnam war, it has evolved and hardened throughout time to be the SPG of time.

Mounting the M109A6 with an optional M2 'Ma Deuce' HMG gunner increases its effectiveness against enemy infantry, vehicle, attack helicopter and low-flying aircraft while also increasing the line of sight.

Doesn't come equipped with pre-installed smoke grenade dischargers but they can become available via a local upgrade. Despite that fact, M109A6 can still use its engine as a smoke screen generator to create a small smoke screen surrounding it in case of emergency.

Armaments: Self-propelled 155mm M284 cannon and (upgradable) pintle-mounted M2 'Ma Deuce' 12.7mm air-defense machine gun.

NATO M142 'Himars' Self-propelled Multiple Rocket Launcher, with the M270 being very costly to deploy to remote and often distant theatres, is NATO's answer to rapid deployment soft firepower to maintain peace across various regions of the world. Despite having only 6 launchers, each rocket packs a heavy punch that penetrates through enemy main battle tank armour fairly with ease. Having to fire fewer munitions per volley also means it can deliver massive firepower and relocate very quickly before the enemy could even initiate counter-battery fire but that comes with the cost of being very ineffective up against CIWS. It produce lots of smoke when firing, giving away its position, but also very agile that it can easily dodge enemy's counter-batteries.

Armaments: Self-propelled 227mm multiple rocket launcher

NATO BGM-109G 'Gryphon' Transporter Erector Launcher is NATO's ultimate shock & awe arsenal and the embodiment of the doctrine. Like its name suggests, the "Gyphon" with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle, it can deliver highly precise and swift devastation to its enemy. Capable of firing with advanced GPS precision guidance system, it's arguably the most precise and deadly tactical missile launcher to this date. Originally disarmed under the INF Treaty, NATO has once again initiated its rearmament of the legendary land-based "Tomahawk" cruise missile launcher in its defense against the red menace and by the red menace I mean social security. Unlike its former wheeled variant, this tracked variant allows it to dodge enemy's counter-batteries with ease making it versatile in both defensive and offensive operations. It's undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield.

Armaments: Self-propelled BGM-109G Tomahawk cruise missile launcher

That's about it really. See you in the nexxxt update when my creative writer juice kick in again.

Woozle - - 2,617 comments

I like the choice of the XM2001 hull for the Tomahawk launcher

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VectorIV Author
VectorIV - - 3,187 comments

I like it too :>

Reply Good karma+4 votes
viskaza - - 5 comments

i am very ecxited for the himars, ive been testing rocket batteries throughout this game, and tbh its lit!!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
VectorIV Author
VectorIV - - 3,187 comments

It's even better this time!

Reply Good karma+4 votes
Ronnin2011 - - 38 comments

Wait, I'm not first?? Nooooooooooo :(((
Anyway, great work!!
Thanks for the update Vec, it was another hilarious read! Honestly can't wait for the next one!

Oh and happy new year!! <3

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VectorIV Author
VectorIV - - 3,187 comments

Thank you! HNY <3

Reply Good karma+3 votes
SaeedNM - - 6 comments

How can i download this file ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Aced170 - - 2 comments

HIMARS is an acronym. It stands for High Mobility Artillery Rocket System.

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VectorIV Author
VectorIV - - 3,187 comments


Reply Good karma+3 votes
tom111 - - 787 comments

Will NATO get multiple nation's vehicle/weapons? Since its mostly US stuff so far(I love the Leopard).

Will you be able to choose a certain focus on a nato country?

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VectorIV Author
VectorIV - - 3,187 comments

There is no focus path for country planned. NATO would mostly use US stuff with other NATO countries stuff as flavours or fill-in in the roster.

Reply Good karma+2 votes
GDI_Amiya - - 208 comments

It's so cool, it fits my aesthetic of American Artillery units

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Abdo_eg - - 22 comments

When will the next update be available?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Strogglet15 - - 1,338 comments

Nice! Never seen the "Paladin" as the howitzer (is that how you call it? Either way, it's still a tank meant to be used as artillery) in any other Generals mod, so it's nice to see it like this.

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ViridiaGaming - - 154 comments

This is all looking great, you've made what has swiftly become my absolute hands-down favourite ZH mod and seeing all the planned new units is amazing!

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VectorIV Author
VectorIV - - 3,187 comments


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Guest - - 693,281 comments

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Guest - - 693,281 comments

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